Should Study in US or stay in Dominican Republic?


Choosing where to Study can be complicated

When I was in high school I didn’t know anything. Never had a job, money, didn’t understand anything. I was told to study in APEC because I was artistic, my father paid the rent I lived with an aunt and my mom pay the monthly fees of APEC.

I was going to APEC to study “Publicidad”, had no materials, or books , colors, the special papers, nothing I just went took the classes failed much of them because the lack of materials made my homework look bad. Besides I was taking English in the afternoon and all I had to eat was 1 empanada between college and English class. 

2 yeas later my visa became available and I move to New jersey right by NYC. started learning web design at home. 3 years later I moved alone in a room and started college at 24 paid my rent and went to community college with federal aid so I didn’t have to pay.. 2 years later work was too hard and couldn’t keep studying the hard classes because I was tired from work. Imagine working 9 pm to 6 am then have pre calculus at 8 am…..

Then next year I went to a technical institute, from Network engineer. I pass everything but had to take a loan of $20, 000 the government paid 5k and in less than a year I graduated. still owe $12k today

Guess what? I am working as web designer from home. in 2003 I started learning this and it paid my rent and all the stuff I need, not college. So the first thing you should do is make sure what do you want to study is worth, and you LOVE IT.

  1. Do you know people in that career?
  2. How much are they making?
  3. Are they very stressed?
  4. Most people in that career find jobs or just a few?
  5. Can I see my self working 9 hours a day every day?

Never study something because “it pays well” that is why so many nurses make all these mistakes because they entered for the money and end up hurting the patients. know what I mean?

Work is work is always hard, but find something u like. in DR you can make a lot of money but if someone wants to kill you for jealousy that’s it you are dead.

Come to USA, I recommend you to go to an institute of the career you like to do, get a certificate and work in the field before you go to university. Why?

1. Because you can get a certificate in 4–6 months and start working.

2. So you can look from inside how is it.

3. Make money.

4. Start your EXPERIENCE portfolio/ resume/ curriculum.

5. Network with people in the field so they know you before you finish university.

Without experience even if you GRADUATE from college people WON’T hire you.

Experience > Grades.

study job