Danilo: If DR is bridge drugs, the US is 10-lane avenue Destination



If Dominican Republic is a bridge for drugs, the United States is a 10-lane avenue for that drug. So said emphatically President Danilo Medina.

The head of state answered questions from journalists after receiving credentials of six new ambassadors.

What corruption?

They asked about statements by Ambassador James W. Brewster. The diplomat said that corruption in the country can drive away investment.

Danilo Medina asked,

“But what corruption? It is that speaking in generic terms is always dangerous. “

Present concrete cases

“What it is corruption?” Reiterated the president. “Where are the corruption scandals that say the Dominican? State” questioned again. “To me it would, and I have asked them if they have specific cases that arise,” he said.

United States, a 10-lane avenue for drugs

Danilo said, “For it is said that Dominican Republic is a bridge drug. But if it comes to that, the United States is a 10-lane avenue target for the same drug. ”


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