12 Things Making You Poor and Lose Savings


Many people do not notice were the money goes… and have zero savings!

Here you have 12 unnecessary expenses that once deleted or modified, will forever change your personal finances; but if you continue to ignore them your few savings will disappear.

1. Cable TV
How many TV channels often see 3, 5 … up to 10? Do you need then 120 channels, movie packages, and how much benefit you offer extra?

Cut your cable TV plan. If you are a heavy consumer considers Netflix movies and series, a much cheaper alternative.

You are someone who pays for channels in High Definition without at least having a TV with these conditions? Or worse, you do not know how your plan is armed cable?

Check your bill and see if you are consuming the most of this service, if not, adjust it or delete it.
2. Bank charges
Did you know that every time you withdraw money at the bank tellers they are charging a commission? Did you know that each bank withdrawal you do in check is an additional cost? O wise that sometimes, by paying with your credit card, you save some excise taxes?

You have several alternatives for savings: There are banks that charge cheaper rates, which make competitions for people using the card or even do not charge commissions. Investigate how much they charge on your branch and discusses what options you have with other banks.
3. Extended Warranties
These guarantees are those that offer you when you purchase products, usually technology, and further protect you. While it is important to care for your purchases, there are some extended warranties that are not simply a waste of money.

Besides being expensive, their terms and conditions (which have never read!) Have a number of clauses that leave you unprotected.

The best solution is to be careful with your belongings and stay with the default warranty that comes with the product.

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4. Rent
We’re not saying you stop paying rent or living on the street. The only question is whether this luxury apartment in the most exclusive and expensive sector of the city is worth.

If you change to a smaller apartment and in another location, not only will you stop spending money on an expensive lease, but you’ll stop thinking about how to fill those gaps that require money.

Finally, if you’re paying very high fees for the lease considered the possibility of acquiring a mortgage and buy your own home. It is preferable to pay fees that will have a return, not a lease and get savings.
5. Telephony and Internet data
How many minutes, messages and internet data you have our monthly cell phone plan? The consume all? You know at least how many do you have?

Probably not.

Why not look for one that is more in line with your habits, you find another company that provides the same service for less or cut services you do not use money?

Now, if you are someone who does not have a plan but recharges your line whenever resources are finished, I invite you to do accounts and see that is much more profitable a monthly payment and not something sporadic.
6. Shopping online
Online stores are one of the biggest enemies of your personal finances. Most purchases you make there are unnecessary and you are impoverishing rapidly.

Not only are shoes, clothes and accessories are also premium services that you buy and never use. In addition, these purchases come with postage, you almost never have considered and that increase the value of the invoice

Savings: The next time you go to buy something online, ask yourself if you need it, when you answer, hopes one day to make the purchase. In this way you avoid impulse purchases that do not need.
7. Fast Food
Fast food, restaurants and office lunches are enjoyed more, the fewer times repeated. If every eight days on the street are eating burgers, pizzas and Chinese food you’re not just destroying your finances’re ending your physical health.

There is nothing wrong with eating on the street occasionally, eating out with friends or a special dinner with your partner, but if it becomes part of your routine not only will become unfunny but will affect your finances.

The same goes for homes, if they are thinking about ordering food to your home.

8. Life Insurance
Life insurance have nothing wrong, indeed, they serve to protect the future of your family. The problem is with the type of life insurance you are paying.

Regardless of you’re going to choose recalls that its value will depend on your age, the risks you take and other factors such as your health and family. The suggestion is to look for alternatives, such as your credit card, which provides insurance for being a card member, or pension funds ensure you to have an account with them.

If you’ve never done an analysis you’re probably paying an expensive plan, or a plan that protects you from risks not run or offering services that do not use.

Make the task of research first to make a wise decision.
9. Expensive gifts
Love, friendship and affection are not shown for the price of your gifts, plain and simple. A gift of thousands of dollars not show how much you love a person.

The love of your life is not going to want depending on the number of zeros that is worth your gift; and if it does so, it is time to reconsider if he/she is the love of his life.

Savings: Do not fall into the trap of turning your relationships in a simple exchange of expensive gifts. Considers best gift experiences, you are worth less, and as Alejandro Gaviria says, be seen over time, while things lose their value.

10. Lottery Ticket
The fact that you play the lottery is impoverishing not only you, but it shows you’re not in control of your projects. Why? that waits, miraculously, be a millionaire. You’re not doing anything about it to achieve beyond buying a ticket and hope your luck and a few numbers do the work. Instead of adding it to your savings you are throwing it in the garbage.

Are you than you think that the only way to get rich is to buy the lottery, and if not shopping, you’ll never do? How sad may be the fact that your wealth depends on a lot and not for your actions and decisions.

Definitely buying the lottery not only you are losing your money, but reflects your mentality of poverty.
11. Coffee, lattes and cappuccinos
How much money have you spent in cafes 3 dollars? In my case, many (this is a point I should particularly review).

Take a good coffee in a pleasant space worth, but your enjoyment is inversely correlated with their consumption habits. It is you say, the more times you do it, unless you’re enjoying.


With two cafes that let you buy on the street, you will have enough money to buy a bag of coffee and prepare it at home.
The coffee you eat for a month on the street, is tantamount to an economic coffee to prepare at home.
And finally, the money you spend on coffee in the street for two months, is equivalent to a specialty coffee latte preparing the same and capuccino you’re buying.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with enjoying these pleasures of life, I love the latte, but when you do it every day, it ceases to be a pleasure and is impoverishing you without realizing it.
12. Subscriptions
Finally there are subscriptions to magazines, surprise gifts, monthly gym memberships, among other you will ever use. For example:

You are subscribed to 2 or 3 just flip through magazines and you have access to your articles on social networks.
You pay a monthly fee in the gym which visits less than 15 times a month.
You are subscribed to things you do not use, which is automatically charged to your credit card, savings or checking account.
Work to pay for things you do not use, or if you do, is partially. If you want to pay this right Earn a gym consistently. Pay a week and if you go every day, pay a month if you pay on most days the next.

With the theme of magazines, stop throwing your money if you’re not going to read. Not just renew the subscription and access this content on their websites or social networks.

In short,  abandon these 12 unnecessary expenses that you are impoverishing without realizing it, and your personal finances will improve considerably.

There are many other unnecessary expenses that impoverish you without realizing it, which you would add to this list? How you are wasting your money cost you get so much work?