The impressive ‘crater’ in Japan that was fixed in two days


 Authorities in Fukuoka City repaired the track in record time.

In just two days, authorities in the city of Fukuoka arranged an impressive 30-meter hole that left the collapse of a five-lane road.

The impressive ‘crater’ in Japan that was arranged in two days

The incident, which occurred last week, left no injuries or major damage to adjacent buildings. What did turn around the world was an amateur video in which the way sinks, which was also shared in social networks.

According to the mayor of Fukuoka, Soichiro Takashima, the new road is thirty times more resistant. He also promised to raise the cause of the incident. “I apologize for all the inconveniences that this accident could cause,” said the local president.Japan

During the reconstruction of the road, workers unloaded about 7,000 cubic meters of soil and repaired pipes and traffic lights that fell at the time of the sinking.

The collapse cut off traffic in downtown Fukuoka, Japan’s seventh most populous city, and some nearby office buildings were without electricity several days after the incident.

Nearly 100 local businesses said their businesses had losses during the operation, but added that the municipal government promised to compensate them before the end of the year.

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