Hackers steal data from 400 million people


The attack affected 62 million accounts from Cams.com and 7 million from Penthouse.com.

More than 400 million adult dating and pornographic Friend Finder Network accounts have been exposed by a hack last October, according to Leaked Source, which estimates that it is the largest Internet data breach Never recorded.

According to Leaked Source, a signature that reports on piracy incidents, the attack on Friend Finder Network affected 339 million accounts on its AdultFriendFinder.com web site, which the company defined as “the world’s largest community of Sex and debauchery. “

In addition to this adult dating site, hacking affected other company domains, including 62 million Cams.com accounts and 7 million Penthouse.com accounts. It also detected the theft of information from more than 15 million “deleted” accounts that had not been removed from the company’s database.hacker

Leaked Source believes that the attack suffered by FriendFinder Network is the largest ever recorded in terms of the amount of data stolen, ahead of that suffered by the MySpace social network in 2013, with about 360 million affected accounts.

Friend Finder Network, based in California, suffered last year another attack that exposed information from nearly 4 million accounts, including data on sexual preferences or whether the user sought an extramarital relationship.

In a statement sent to the ZDNet technology web site, Friend Finder Network did not confirm the attack revealed by Leaked Source, but admitted “security vulnerabilities”.

“Over the past few weeks, FriendFinder has received several reports of potential security vulnerabilities from a variety of sources,” said Diana Ballou, vice president and lawyer for the company, detailing that they have already taken steps to review the situation.

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