How to Write Fast with the keyboard


Many people think they write fast

It is increasingly necessary that we learn not only to write with a keyboard but also to do it with the highest speed possible, and it is clear that in the future we will all work or need to use computers for different functions, and getting a good Speed can be the difference between being more competitive and efficient in our job, or for being against being relegated and surpassed by other workers. To help you we will give some tips on how to write fast with the keyboard, paying attention to details that you might have never taken into account and, of course, we will also bear in mind some inconveniences that sometimes occur and we are surely not aware of it.


Although it is a bit strange that we have to mention this, it is very important to have a keyboard of sufficient quality to achieve good speed, but not only is the quality of the keyboard important, but we must also pay close attention to its state; Although not very frequent, I have come to see some keyboards that gave a real panic to look at them, and that a good hygiene and cleaning of them is going to be important so that all the keys are marked with fluency and do not resist resistance.

For that reason you have to worry about cleaning the keyboard and keep it in top condition, making repairs in case any key breaks down, as it can be very frustrating to have, for example, a spacer that does not mark the spaces well.

At this point we must bear in mind that there are mainly two types of keyboard that are: membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Membrane keyboards are the most common, since they have a lower price, work quite well and above all are very quiet. However, if every day we are going to type a lot of words, perhaps what interests us most is a mechanical keyboard quality, as we will achieve a higher speed but, yes, the purchase price will be higher and of course also Make a little more noise, somewhat reminiscent of old typewriters, which can even be a bit romantic.

Some years ago I was looking a new keyboard the one I had was a little worn, and I discovered  mechanical keyboards. It was embarrassing I didn’t know anything about them. Here are some, mechanical keyboards are totally different than regular ones. I will show you some so you can see the difference:

This is the one I have: corsair k95
this is a Das:

and this is an interesting one:
Das Keyboard Prime 13 Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown Switches)

Some have LED that you can configure to blink in patterns too

Even thought writing fast is based on how much you practice, the keyboard will help you too if is a good one.

Another important detail is the type of keyboard when working with a laptop. Obviously, on desktop computers we have the possibility to choose practically any type of keyboard, but when we talk about a laptop computer, the keyboard it carries is the keyboard it has, with no possibility of making any kind of change.

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Obviously, when we buy a laptop, our goal is to achieve maximum mobility, which makes the keys are much more compact, smaller in size and organized a little more clustered than they would be on a normal keyboard to use.

With a little practice we will see that we can adapt without problems to any keyboard of any laptop, but that yes, if you are going to type a lot, in this sense there is no argument that it will be essential to incorporate an external keyboard.

With the external keyboard we will get more speed and higher quality of writing, without so many errors but, yes, reducing the portability we precisely look for with the laptop. However, it may be interesting to have a keyboard at home, a keyboard in the office and one in each of the places we usually go with our laptop to rescind the use of the built-in keyboard only at times when we Find it on the outside.

In any case there are also many types of keyboards that improve portability with smaller dimensions, smaller weights and even allowing their folding, but also be very clear that these keyboards are also quite limited in the speed of writing that we can achieve.

In short, the type of keyboard that we use is going to be the key to achieving a faster writing speed.


But having good hardware and in good condition is not the only thing that we will need to write fast with the keyboard, but it is also essential to practice and pay attention to the technique and arrangement of our fingers on the keys.

This is a small keyboard…

At first it may be difficult to learn, but the truth is that it assimilates much faster than it seems, and the use of the appropriate fingers for each of the keys, will undoubtedly allow you to reach speeds that never You would have imagined.

Therefore we strongly recommend that you spend some time to practice and learn the correct writing on the keyboard, and is that basically we will only have to learn how to lay hands on it, and from there we must assimilate where each key , So that in a short time we can be writing without looking at the keyboard and without making any mistakes.

And we repeat, do not be scared because at first it costs a little effort, since our brain is able to assimilate it much faster and with less effort than you imagine.


And finally we also recommend that you look for a good course to write with the keyboard. In my case, we are talking and many years ago, I started with a course printed in a book with, but to this day, in the world of computing, perhaps the simplest alternative is Get a program to learn how to write with the keyboard, so that not only will we advance in the lessons, but also also check how we do it, indicate the failures we have had, and so on.

I hope you like this article and test your skills answering back in the comments!