NASA lends 1,200 patents to startups no license cost

NASA startup

Yes NASA  is giving away stuff!!

Startups have had many facilities in some countries, and although there are still a few obstacles, they have become the companies that are moving the world of technology – and they have demonstrated it in creating incredible products, and in other occasions when being acquired by Multinationals for millions and millions of dollars.

Now those startups that work with high technology projects are in luck, and is that NASA has made available to these small businesses a total of 1,200 patents without license cost. This means that in the future they will be able to use these patents without having to pay the license for each of them.

In this way NASA wants to capture talent and help startups in the research and development of new devices together. Although not everything is as beautiful as it seems, since there are some things to read before accepting.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has indicated that they are not exclusive licenses, so many companies will be able to benefit from them. Although they have indicated that they are open to negotiation, it may be the case that the agency offers the exclusivity of the license if it is an interesting project. Although they have made it clear that access to such patents will only be possible for those startups who intend to market NASA technology.


In addition they indicate that if the project ends up being commercialized will have to face the standard royalties, although the first three years will not have to pay anything for the licenses that have been used.


These are fairly hard requirements but they can help a lot of small companies that are in need of technology and can not develop their own. Without a doubt it is a step forward, although we will have to see what projects NASA decides are interesting and which are not.

Will we be surprised in the future with some device or technology created by one of these startups?