SanDisk X400 1TB, currently the thinnest SSD


In recent months we have been seeing a lot of news regarding SSD discs, and one of the most interesting developments that we can highlight this year’s entry is undoubtedly the SSD SanDisk X400 1TB, a new model that comes to the market with An important detail, and is that it is the finest hard disk today. Let’s get to know some of its features as well as available models and accessibility.


SanDisk once again surprises us with the arrival of its latest SSD, a model that is characterized by being the finest in the market and that also has a fantastic guarantee of operation, allowing us to move up to a maximum of 40 GB at Day and guaranteeing stable operation for at least five years.


As for its thickness must be taken into account that the previous model (the X300) had a thickness of 2.23 mm. However, in this case it is reduced to 1.5 mm, which is undoubtedly a significant decrease that will benefit many users.

A considerable X300 is another of the strengths of this disk, and that is to compare again with the previous version, in the case of the new SSD SanDisk X400 1TB we talk about 90% less consumption allowing data transfer speeds of up to 545 MB / S.

In terms of reliability we will also be able to be very calm thanks to the fact that it installs DataGuard technology while having data protection through 256-bit AES encryption and Opal 2.0 TCG.


Of course, the 1 TB version is the highlight within the new range of models that SanDisk puts at our disposal. However, for those who need it will also have the possibility to purchase a model of 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB.
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However, as we always say in these cases, the fact that new models appear that will improve the characteristics of the previous ones is undoubtedly great news as it increases the competition and above all it is a challenge that allows SSD hard drives more accessible and Especially with much greater performance and performance.