Taveras dam is re-drained due to rainfall

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Aguaceros provocan inundaciones en sectores de Santiago y río Yaque del Norte sigue anegando zonas de Noroeste Presa de Taveras

The floods provoked on Thursday night and yesterday because of the rains are recorded, again wreak havoc in the province of Puerto Plata and others of the Cibao, while in the community Villa Villa of the municipality of Imbert and Luperon, at least 13 Houses were razed by the flood of the river Bajabonico.

The Operation Committee of the Tavera-Bao dam reported that this Friday returned to drain due to the abundant rains that are recorded.

Authorities said they are releasing 50 cubic meters per second to 150.

The water is leaving the complex through the opening of three of its floodgates, according to the authorities.

The Yaque del Norte river carries 180 cubic meters of water per second. The Prey Operation Committee reported that the level of Tavera-Bao at present, is 324.81 meters above sea level, but is lower than a few days ago, which was 325, which forced its vent.



The downpours caused urban floods in Santiago and the flood of the river Yaque del Norte continues flooding houses and agricultural crops in the Northwest.

The tributaries of Santiago increased their flows, while Civil Defense said that emergency committees operating in the 52 vulnerable areas of that northern city have been activated as a preventive measure.

The torrential rains have caused greater damage in the provinces of Valverde and Monte Cristi, where the flood of the river Yaque del Norte has flooded thousands of tasks planted with different items as well as houses.

While the rains, streams and canyons of the province of Puerto Plata flooded again, affecting the communities of Montellano, Sosúa, Sabaneta de Yásica, Imbert, Guananico, Altamira and Villa Isabela.

Dozens of families residing in the La Union housing project in the municipality of Sosúa were trapped in their homes for a period of three hours, because a glen that passes through that area flooded the area, preventing the transit of vehicles through the Montellano-Sosúa highway. There are no reports of casualties or injuries.


In the municipality of Luperón, Puerto Plata, the strong current of the river Bajabonico collapsed the bridge of the community and according to the mayor of that locality, Israel Brito, several communities were isolated.The intense downpours that occurred last night on the province of Puerto Plata caused new urban floods in the municipality of Montellano where patients from the Gregorio Luperón hospital, the Dominican Social Security Institute (IDSS), as well as the Dolores de la Cruz maternity hospital, were flooded .

This forced that Brigades of Amber Rescue and of the Civil Defense transferred of emergency to several people entered between those who appear parturients towards the hospital Ricardo Limardo of Puerto Plata.

In the municipality of Imbert, it was reported that the flooding of the rivers Bajabonico and Obispo, caused more than ten houses to collapse and razed dozens of houses flooded, according to the intendant of the Fire Department, José Batista.

The sectors of Maranatha, Villa Bethania, Sosúa Abajo and Bella Vista in the municipality of Sosúa were flooded again by the flood of rivers and canyons. Meanwhile, in the Los Mameyes sector, San Felipe municipality, the flood of several tributaries caused floods and dragged three houses.