The latest cellphone that makes Blackberry will have physical keyboard


After this phone, the company will give license to other companies to manufacture with the brand.

Blackberry President John Chen revealed Monday in an interview with Bloomberg that his company is working on a latest cell phone made in-house. He added that he would have a physical keyboard.

The last model with keyboard that launched the Canadian company was the Blackberry Priv that came out in November of 2015. This cell phone was the first one that did not count on a own operating system but that was created to work with Android.blackberry

Blackberry had previously announced that it was going to stop making cell phones and was going to focus on its security solutions.

However, Chen said that this means that their cell phones will continue to be manufactured but by other firms. This is the case of its latest DTEK 50 and DTEK 60 which were developed by the Chinese company TCL, known in South America as Alcatel.


For now no specifications, price, or release date have been announced, but we expect to know more about this cell phone through 2017.

The mistakes that led to the decline of BlackBerry

Late reactions and lack of innovation condemned the one who was the biggest on the market.

The Canadian company, which once dominated the global smartphone market, announced this week that it will outsource the manufacture of handsets, which it will leave from now on by an Indonesian partner.

From now on, BlackBerry phones will be manufactured under license by PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia (TBK), which will enable the Canadian firm to focus on software and services, a joint statement said.

At the time, BlackBerry, a decade ago was one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones, came to dominate 50 percent of the market in the United States. When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, BlackBerry said it was quiet, seeing the newcomer as little more than a toy, far from the reputation of security devices.

Things have changed. Its action, which was in its days of glory above the one hundred dollars, today is quoted around six. The company currently has less than one percent of a market dominated by Apple and Android devices, according to consulting firm Gartner.

As such, BlackBerry will seek to focus on software, including security applications, and this announcement completely removes the signature of the manufacture of phones.

“We are reaching a turning point in our strategy. Our financial bases are strong, and our focus on software is affirming, “said Chief Executive John Chen.

“The company plans to end all internal hardware development and outsource the role to its partners. This allows us to reduce capital requirements and improve returns on invested capital, “he added.


One of the mistakes made by the brand, precisely in its fight against the iPhone, was to try to quickly equalize Apple’s innovations and to fail in the attempt with a device that did not fit well in the public (the BlackBerry Storm), due to Which was slow and difficult to write on your screen, which would be the first link in a chain of errors that ended with the BlackBerry empire.

After the failure, the company did not know which way to take. One was to please the public that was desirous of applications and models such as those presented by the iPhone and the other was to follow the route that was based on security and good battery, a feature that generated loyalty of many executives who saw in BlackBerry its trusted device.

During 2010, when analyzing this paradigm change, the company introduced BlackBerry OS 6.0, which had a better browser, among other details that made it more attractive; However, it did not match Android or iOS.

By 2012, it was difficult to compete with Apple and Google, which resulted in unemployment of 5,000 employees and losses of more than 500 million dollars. In 2015, the losses were 304 million dollars, and in 2016 already add a deficit of 208 million.


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