Touch Preview The new and interesting feature of Spotify


It is very common, you hear a song that ends up charming but the next day you completely forget the name. You still remember how it sounds, but you do not know where to start looking. Spotify wants to help you solve that problem with Spotify Touch Preview (among other uses we can give the system).

Touch Preview, the new and interesting feature of Spotify

Spotify Touch Preview for iOS

Spotify Touch Preview is a new feature of the streaming music service that will allow us to play a small piece of the song. But it does not show us the first seconds of the song, what we will hear will be the best part of the song. This way we can know if it is the one that we are looking for or if we have to follow our path to find it.

In case you want to use this new function in the application, the only thing you have to do to put that audio fragment to play is to hold down the title of the theme. A couple of seconds later the speakers (or headphones) of your device will begin to play the music.

A very favorable point, for the service and this new function, is that we will be able to reproduce those seconds without worrying that the song that we are listening disappears. Once we stop pressing the song to stop playing, we can continue to listen to the song we were playing from the exact point where we left off. In addition, in case we find that audio track that we were looking for we can save it in a playlist so that we do not forget his name again. In this way one function does not hinder the other, and users can continue to be so happy with what we were doing.

The new Spotify Touch Preview feature has already hit the devices with iOS. At the moment the other platforms compatible with the application will have to wait, although not too much according to announces the company.