Turn Off WhatsApp blue ticks

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Do not want your WhatsApp contacts to see when you’ve seen their messages? They recently implemented the double blue tick, and most people did not like it. Today, we bring you a tutorial to turn off WhatsApp blue ticks.


As we said, when WhatsApp incorporated the double blue tick , there was little less than a revolt by the users. After all, that largely prevented part of the privacy of people.

I may have read a message you sent me, but I do not have to want you to know … Why does WhatsApp obligatorily make you aware of what I know and what I do not know?


In short, it was a pretty popular claim, so, finally, WhatsApp incorporated the option to remove this double tick when you read some message that someone else has sent you.

To do this, simply go to Settings> Account Info> Privacy> Read Confirmation. Unchecking this box, our contacts will not know if we have read or not the messages that have sent us.

Of course, if you activate this option to protect your privacy, you also will not know if other people have already read your message or not … What a mess!

By the way, disabling this option only works on personal and private conversations. In groups, you will continue to see whether or not you have seen the sent messages.


As a curiosity (and for those people who do not have WhatsApp updated to the latest version), we can comment that, before WhatsApp rectified and offered the option to turn off the double blue tick, there was a little trick to know what they were saying , But that the other person did not know.

This trick, though rudimentary, could sometimes work, and was based on seeing the messages from the notification tray. Of course, you could not see all the messages, but in case it was a punctual or pending, we could read some messages without the need for the other person to know.

In any case, this type of tricks no longer need to be used, because WhatsApp has rectified. In our view, it has done well to rectify, since, in fact, the option of mandatory double tick was even contradictory with other options of the application.

After all, what’s the point of WhatsApp hiding your last connection time, if after that the others would be able to see when you had read the messages?

As you can see, with this tutorial to turn off the WhatsApp blue ticks, you will not have any problems when you are forced to answer a WhatsApp because you know the other person knows that you have seen your message. Forget those commitments!