WiFi amplifiers: What are they and the Best 2018


We are going to analyze some of the best WiFi amplifiers for this year 2016, and of course we will also explain the utility of these devices that are becoming more common in our homes and offices.


Depending on the dimensions of our home or office, as well as other factors such as walls, floors, materials, distances, etc., we often find that the WiFi signal does not adequately reach all points and rooms.

This causes that those that are next to the router, can connect without problems and enjoy a suitable speed, but as we are separating, little by little this speed diminishes and of course also the quality of the connection descends to the point of, Including, we can find that at a certain point in our home or office we do not have access to the Internet with the consequent problem to connect to the router via WiFi.

This is where WiFi amplifiers come into action, very simple devices that are also known as WiFi repeaters with which we will be able to expand the signal of our router so that we will get it to any remote point.

Basically, the only thing that needs to be done is to place the WiFi amplifier or WiFi repeater at a point between the router and the remote computer, always making sure that the amplifier receives enough signal to be able to extend it and arrive with sufficient quality to the equipment to connect.


Below we will know some of the best WiFi amplifiers for this year 2016, and for that we will take into account from devices of long range to external repeaters and of course also economic amplifiers for small installations.


We begin with one of the most interesting alternatives on the market, a desktop WiFi amplifier that works in bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz at a time, thus ensuring that you are getting the best out of our connection.

This is even thought to cross forged without too much difficulty, and has a total of five Ethernet ports thanks to which we can also connect any type of device that does not have WiFi such as desktop computers without WiFi card, game consoles and even televisions.wifi

In addition, it also guarantees maximum compatibility with virtually any type of router on the market, allowing a very quick and easy installation, something that is greatly appreciated in this type of devices.

Another fantastic alternative with a transmission power that can be adjusted from 0 to 27 dBm / 500mw, although in this case it should be noted that we are talking about a WiFi amplifier designed as an external repeater, ie, it aims not to distribute the Connection in our home or office, but to capture the external connection to move it to our home.

It has a directional antenna of 13 dBi and mounts the technology Pharos MAXtream TDMA thanks to which we will enjoy a better performance in comparison with other devices of the market.

It works at 5 GHz, a very important detail since many modems do at 2.4 GHz, which is why we must analyze this aspect before making the decision.

Thanks to this system we can capture signals at distances up to 15 km, ideal for those who are in remote areas and have problems to enjoy a good Internet connection.

TP-LINK N300 Universal Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender, Wall Plug, Plug and Play, Smart Signal Indicator Light (TL-WA854RE)

But if what you are looking for is something designed for the interior of your home, the TP-LINK TL-WA854RE can be a very economical and interesting alternative.

Ideal for avoiding wiring without sacrificing the highest quality WiFi signal in the whole installation. We can extend the wireless coverage using its front button, and note that it allows wireless transfer rates of up to 300 MB / s, which means that you will enjoy the perfect connection both for making calls over the Internet and for watching video or Even enjoy the best games over the net.

Of course, to achieve this performance will be necessary that our WiFi connection offers these speeds.

This alternative can be connected directly to the wall socket, thus avoiding any type of installation and allowing maximum mobility.
ASUS Repeater/Access Point/Media Bridge (RP-AC56)

The full version is:

Thanks to its wireless transfer of up to 1200 MB / s, the ASUS RP-AC56 becomes one of the most interesting tools especially for offices where there are different jobs that need a wireless connection of quality and without drops.

Its operation is really simple, since we are only going to have to press a button that will allow us to connect the repeater to the router in just a few seconds. On the other hand, it also assembles a signal indicator thanks to which we will be able to find the perfect location to enjoy the best possible coverage without detriment of reach, a detail that is certainly appreciated and much.

Once connected to the mains, it also allows us to rotate it on itself so that we can adapt it without problems to any type of plug, either vertical or horizontal.

In essence it is one of the most interesting and powerful alternatives for most cases, being able to operate in both 2.4 GHz bands which is the most common in current modems and up to 5 GHz bands, so that We can use it in any type of installation that we have done.


ASUS EA-N66 – T – EA-N66

And to finish also bring you the ASUS EA-N66 amplifier, a device where the first thing that catches our attention is precisely its interesting design.

It allows connection of up to 900 MB / s and, thanks to its three octagonal antennas, we will enjoy the maximum coverage regardless of the address in which the connected equipment is.

Of course it also allows us to connect to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to adapt to our installation, having Ethernet connection so we can also connect devices directly without the need for WiFi card.

These are some of the most interesting WiFi amplifiers we can find in 2016 on the market, and of course we have tried to provide you with different alternatives that are best suited to your needs, from outdoor amplifiers to inexpensive devices that allow you to enjoy the Best possible signal within our home and office, adapting to virtually any dimension, including ships or facilities that involve a signal transmission longer than usual.