5 Best Launchers para Android


We are going to present you the 5 best launchers for Android, an increasingly indispensable tool to be able to customize to the maximum both the appearance and the functionality of our device.


First of all, and thinking fundamentally about the most novice in the subject, we are going to explain what is a launcher for Android.

When you turn on your device and load the operating system, what appears on the screen is the interface through which we can access our applications, settings and other features of our device.

Basically this is the launcher of Android, that is, this interface through which we can access all the content and make modifications, or what would come to be the same, the “Android shuttle”, but it is important to keep in mind Which by default is set according to the criteria of the developer, but it may not be focused in the way that is most useful to us.

In that sense, if you do not want the basic Android launcher, you have the possibility to choose different ones created by other developers that present some very interesting ideas and loaded with possibilities like new animations, designs more adapted to the user, possibility to change the number of Screens of start that we will have at our disposal, to modify the speed with which we interweave between them and a long etcetera.


We are going to present you the list with the five best launcher for Android, although it is important to start from the basis that the best launcher for Android is the one that best suits our specific needs. That is, the one that may be the best for my criteria may not match yours, but in any case, in our list we have decided to include the five launchers for Android that work best and that have the best qualification among users, offering common features And different among them that I advise you to try to find the one that best suits your criteria.


If you know a little, we are convinced that Nova Launcher is not going to be unknown precisely, and is that it is one of the launcher for Android most used both for its features as and appearance.

We will have a large collection of icons, as well as the possibility to customize the panel by providing us with a lot of different and original styles.

Without a doubt one of the most intelligent and complete options, it improves considerably if we choose to download New Launcher for payment.

Download NovaSnapchat launcher


As for Apex Launcher, we talked about a fantastic alternative for those looking for a free launcher for Android.

In this case we will have features very similar to those of Nova Launcher, with new icons, transition effects, gestures for home screen, customizable grid, new folder styles, notifications with count, the possibility of backing up And some very interesting news, and as we said, completely free.

Of course there is also a paid version, but in principle with the free will have enough.

Download apex


But if you want to give a different touch to the interface, this option may be more suited to what you are looking for.

It allows to use a very refined design and pleasing to the eye, besides it has a very interesting feature, which is the fact that it recognizes the main color of the background image that we have chosen, adapting the menus to that color, This way everything is more rhythmic.

In addition, we can also customize the Google search bar as well as the folder styles, we can add new icons, and we can even configure shortcuts for the widgets.

Download action


This is another interesting option with many customizable features and different designs among which we can be mixing.

We will have a large number of folders, icons, gestures, allows us to add custom widgets, as in the case of Action Launcher 3, also adapt the color of the interface in general to the main color of the image background.

In addition to these, we will also have many other options that will improve both functionality and appearance.

Download action

whatssap launcher


This is a launcher for Android developed by Nokia, and comes with some very interesting features that improve accessibility to all content and applications.

In addition, it also has a very original search system, thanks to which, to find an application, we will only have to draw the first letter of the same on the screen. In the same way we can also find access and sites, making the process faster and easier.

Of course, as a paste we could emphasize that it is a launcher that offers little configuration possibilities, so that those who like to play and to change, maybe you seem a little limited. However, for those looking for a better launcher for Android than the original but do not want to heat your head, it can be a fantastic alternative.

Download action

These are some of the best launcher for Android, with which you will enjoy a much more adapted and functional environment.