How to download videos from Twitter


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On more than one occasion you will have visualized some video on Twitter that will have caught your attention and that surely you would like to keep for posterity. That’s why we’ve prepared this tutorial where we explain how to download videos from Twitter quickly and easily.


First of all you have to take into account that although in this tutorial we will learn how to download videos from Twitter, sometimes we will find that it is impossible to carry out the process, and the reason is because the possibility of download These videos will depend fundamentally on the system that has been used to upload them to the social network.

In most cases we will not have problems, but it is important to keep in mind that there will be others in which, no matter how hard we try, we will not get it.


Depending on the hosting and upload system, the steps to download videos from Twitter may vary, which is why we will explain the main systems.


The most effective and quick way to download videos from Twitter is through tools such as Download Twitter Video, so we will just need the link to the video and then indicate the type of file we want to download , Either MP3 or MP4, and in the second case we can also opt for HD resolution.

But many of you will be thinking about how to get that link, because the truth is that it is very easy, since you just have to click on the three horizontal points that appear in the Tweet and you will see the usual contextual menu with several options. In our case we click on “Copy Link of Tweet” and a window with the address will appear, so that you do not have to do more than right click and copy or directly use the key combination Ctrl + C and enter what copied in the page that We linked them earlier.twitter


There is also the possibility that the video has been uploaded with Vine, so in this case we will begin to play the video and then we will right click on the playback and we will not have to click on “Save video as … “.

Of course we have to choose the place where we want to save it and, depending on the weight of the video, in a little while we will have it available in MP4 format.

This is the easiest way to download videos from Twitter, but it has the limitation that we can only do it in MP4 (although later we can convert it with another program).


And finally we are also on occasion that on Twitter hang videos that have been previously uploaded to YouTube. In this case we will have to click on the video to access YouTube itself which will be from where we will download.

In the market there are many programs that will allow us to download a YouTube video, but if you want to do it without having to perform any type of installation, there is a very easy to use service that is known as

Well, the process is very simple, since we are just going to have to look at the address bar and select “http: // www.” Do not forget that everything has to be entered, including the end point. This part will be replaced by two eses, so that the address will be of the type “…”.

In the following images you can see a little better the structure:twitter

Once this is done, a new window will open automatically where the video address will be entered.

It is important that you wait a few seconds until the box you see in the image above appears, ie with an image of the video and its title, and on the right side will be where you can choose the download format you want to use. We say this because you can see that there are many download and installation buttons, which are either advertising or used to download the application, something you probably do not need.

Now there is nothing more to wait for a little while and soon we will have our video to be able to view it offline when we want.

As we said at the beginning, these are the systems that will allow us to download Twitter videos depending on the server and the system that has been used to upload them prior to their placement in the social network. In principle with this you will be able to access most of them, but in any case we remind you that sometimes we are going to see limited because some formats will not allow the download, but we say that is unusual.