How Not to Appear Online in WhatsApp


We are sure that on some occasion you have thought about how not to appear online in WhatsApp, and is that we are talking about a very useful tool and increasingly necessary our day to day, but also presents some aspects that maybe not so Pleasant for the fact that in a way it looks a little against our privacy.

The installation of WhatsApp and our privacy

First of all it is important to keep in mind that WhatsApp is a legitimate application, that is to say, it is not an application whose developers aim to steal our information and share it with third parties. However it is true that we are talking about an application that aims to keep in touch with other people, which is why, as well as any other instant messaging application, sometimes it will make use of resources such as informing Our contacts about whether or not we are connected, whether or not we read the messages and even one of the functions that can be very useful for some cases but also harms our privacy is the fact that WhatsApp can even use geolocation Of our device for some very interesting functions, but that means that it is detecting the place where we are.

This can make our company know at all times where we are, or even any friend, co-worker, family, acquaintance, etc. Know our location, something that often will not hurt us at all, but we can not always be sure if it is something advisable according to what circumstances.

In short, WhatsApp is a fantastic tool and, as we said, totally legitimate, but at the same time we should also pay attention to our privacy if we do not want to have dislikes of any kind.

Steps to not appear online in WhatsApp

Having said that, the WhatsApp developers themselves have created a system through which we will be able to configure our device with the aim of not appear online in WhatsApp.

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In any case, what we have to do is to enter WhatsApp and next we will accede to the section of chat. If we look at the upper right corner of the screen, we have three vertical dots on which we will press. Now we are going to click on “Settings”, we click on “Account” and soon we will go to “Privacy”.

Now you will have all the WhatsApp privacy options in front of you. In the first place we find the section through which we can choose whether or not to know the last hour to which we have connected. We can choose if we want everyone to see this time, just see our contacts or no one sees.

Secondly we are going to be able to choose who we want to see our profile picture, whether all, our contacts or anyone. In the same way we are going to proceed with our state, indicating if we want everyone to see it, only our contacts or nobody sees it.

Obviously, maximum privacy will be achieved if we indicate that the last hour of connection and status can not be seen by anyone, but it is noteworthy that we will not be able to see this data on other users.

Do not forget that just below we also have another interesting option that is the confirmation of reading. These are the marks that appear in each message that we send and receive and that indicate if they have been received by the recipient and even if the message has been read. Turning off read receipts is a fantastic option to ensure that our recipients do not know if they have read your messages, but be careful if we choose to deactivate them, we will not be able to know if they have read the messages we sent or even if They have received them.

Basically these are the configuration options that will allow us to increase our privacy, and above all they will help us not to appear online in WhatsApp, something that you have been looking for many of you and that you know also presents its negative aspects, but Of course you will increase your safety when using this fantastic application.