Preventing Smartphone Overheating


The temperature of the devices becomes even more a concern. Next we will make a quick review to know some of the reasons for the overheating of the Smartphone, while we give some interesting tips to avoid this effect ends up spoiling, shorten the useful life of your terminal or Even turning the phone into a risk to your integrity.

Battery, increased risk of warming

It is undoubtedly the battery that is a greater risk for our devices, and especially when we talk about batteries that are more than a year old.

We should not forget that, although the technology of new lithium batteries improves performance and durability, the truth is that with the passage of time they are losing power, which is why the processor will need to increase the load with the Objective of carrying out the tasks entrusted to it.

When you need to “suck” more electricity, there is obviously more heating that can end up affecting the device.

Smartphone Overheating
Don’t let this happen to your phone 🙂

Liquids and vapor

One of the most sought after items during the hotter months is water, but precisely it is also one of the main enemies during this summer, and is that the liquid element can be loaded without care a device, but worst of all is When the water enters in small quantities, especially in the form of steam, since what it will do will be to promote that the temperature of the device increases.

All devices include an LDI label through which we can check if our device has been subjected to excessive moisture or liquids, and can deduce if this is the reason why the temperature increases.

Do not push your smartphone too hard

Especially on hot days, it is not good to multitask with our device. Using many applications at the same time, or requiring the terminal to work at a high percentage of performance, will translate into a considerable increase in the temperature thereof.

To improve this, in addition to taking care of health and doing tasks in moderation, it may also be interesting to use some of the applications that allow us to free RAM, as in the case of CCleaner for Smartphone.

In the same way, it is also advisable to let the processor rest every time, and you can even turn the terminal off for a while each day.

Problems of refrigeration and ventilation

And to finish, the cooling and ventilation is very important, because if it is defective, it will obviously also contribute to a greater overheating.

For this reason it is important to clean the terminal frequently, while paying attention to the ventilation slots, which can clog with some lint, resulting in poor cooling.

In short, to avoid overheating the Smartphone, the best we can do is to keep the device clean, not to overexertion and above all to use common sense to keep it well protected at all times.