The best Adidas ad is not from Adidas


Some film students from Germany have done what could be the best Adidas ad.

I think I got something in my eye.

The video that leads these lines, clearly an official advertisement for the Adidas brand, is scripted and directed by Eugen Merher and is the product of the work of a large group of students of the German film academy Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg. That is to say, we speak of a work that, despite using the brand image of the same country, does not have a commercial link with it.


Be that as it may, surely this free advertising must have made the German company very happy because we are facing an extremely emotional advertisement and those who have ease to reach the viewer. What we see is the story of Karl, a 79-year-old man, who remembers his athletic past and, after finding some old Adidas sneakers, decides to run again. Until the geriatric employees where they reside are prohibited in every way possible.

What remains is a reflection on constancy, enthusiasm for sport and the idea that it is never late to do something that we like and passionate about. Of course, along the way we find scenes quite harsh that will put the most sensitive on the verge of tears. A great job.