The Truth About Trump’s Muslim Ban


Trump in doing what he said he would do shocker  bigger prey and measuring

back here are the top five countries with the largest Muslim population will
notice but not a single Muslim from these countries is banned from entering
the United States because it’s not a Muslim bandits a band based on a list of
terror linked countries that was created by the Obama administration oh you
didn’t know that you just swallowed the frosting his theory is generated by the
mainstream media yet again we’re with a protest where was the outrage when obama
banned all Iraqi refugee from entering the u.s. for six months back in
twice the amount of time that band for under this Trump executive or six times
obama banned migrants from mostly

Muslim countries and you were completely silent Obama spent eight years dropping tens of
thousands of bombs on Muslim countries and you said absolutely nothing beyond
the jihadis who were responsible for creating the civil war in Syria that led
to the refugee crisis the most of you supported that but Trump stops a handful
of them from entering the u.s. and he’s that dangerous racist Islamophobe
despite the fact that refugee admissions and the Trump of the course of
around , will be in line with those admitted under previous administration
you said nothing about Obama arming Saudi Arabia to slaughter Yemenis yet
now you’re suddenly all concerned over Yemeni refugees
give me a break Chuck Schumer trying other Muslim migrants this executive

was mean-spirited and fun American after
he supported the attack Olivia that led
directly to the deaths of thousands of
Muslim migrants and how many of you
virtue signaling celebrity twice of
actually read the executive order
President cannot countenance it made me
angry and no the executive order
contains an exemption for individuals
like you
athletes or politicians for example to
be allowed to enter the country again
read the frigging tech before amplifying
the hysterical backlash that is based on
media manipulation and total delusions
think it’ll Americans killed annually
I Atlantic panic immigrants ok so one
you conveniently only included up until
leaving girl San Bernardino

attack where americans were killed by
tashfeen Malik and Islamic jihadist
immigrant and here’s another fettered
refugees who turned to terrorism after
being allowed to enter America and to
the reason why less Americans and
Europeans have been killed by Islamic
jihadist immigrants is because unlike
your of America hasn’t welcomed in
millions of potential Islamic jihadist
immigrants president comes back Mac even
American second container shameful and

yeah you’re the guy who share the stage
with an Isis supporter nine times and
said that people in the West will have
to live with terrorism go screw yourself
that’s the implication camera and what
Canadian luckily we got look at your
face significant experience unless
you’re a single male in which case
you’re not well compassionate caring
what everybody’s been connecting the
country keep wait so you’re saying that
Muslims will become terrorists because
Trump offended that way I thought that
terrorism had nothing to do with Islam
yeah that sounds pretty Islamophobic if
you ask me why would it be a good idea
anyway to let in so many people who so
easily resort to terrorism as you
admitted in your suite
you also more on this group of people
will turn crazy violent if they don’t
get what they want so you should let
them in
true shit right so Trump the bigger
because he’s persecuting refugees under
the false pretext of preventing
terrorism and yet you want him to be
assassinated by a terrorist caribbean
and half my friends in the world if we
were dangerous it wouldn’t be a man
containment like that this Trump
supposed to be thankful to you for not
assassinating him talking about hanging
tank and I couldn’t you get carried away
do you ever let on that was country bank
well they’re considering adding more
countries through the list and be you’re
saying that trumps an unhinged dictator
for banning Muslims they’re asking him
why he hasn’t banned a hundred million
more Muslims many people negatively
affected by this policy strong
supporters of the USA done right not run
and don’t think they’re gonna get it
yeah and twenty one percent of Syrian
refugees support Isis but let’s just let
them all in because of You Iraqi
translators got held up at the airport
but despite everything I’ve said I agree
finding people from countries because of
their religion is horrible right i mean
who would do such a thing

oh I don’t know how about the Islamic
countries that man Israelis because of
their religion and where was the outcry
when one of those countries Saudi Arabia
left , air-conditioned tents that
could have three million refugees
sitting empty this is what it comes down
to the left and the mainstream media
would rather see innocent Americans died
at the hands of Islamic terrorists than
allow with Trump to be successful the
regressive left is a thousand times more
outraged about this temporary travel ban
created by the Obama administration


the first place and they are about
actual Islamic terror attacks than they
are about the mangled bodies of dead
children on the streets with a
Westerners or Muslims some more outraged
that this been all the Muslim acid
attacks honor killings throwing days off
building stoning female rape victims to
death put together and they’re all
posing again pretending to have the
moral high ground because there was some
protests protests that were bankrolled
once again by george soros the
who helped turn in jewish refugees to
the Nazis yeah there’s a moral frigging
high ground and that’s the truth about
the Muslim band there isn’t a Muslim ban

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