Are We Raising Loser Children?


You have to call them several times in the morning to go to the College.

Your children get up irritated, because they lie down very late talking on the phone, watching TV or connected to the Internet. They do not make sure their clothes are clean and much less put a finger on anything that has to do with ‘fixing something at home’.

They idolize their friends and live by putting ‘defects’ on their parents, whom they accuse every day of ‘their traumas’. There is no one to talk to them about ideologies, morals and good manners, because they consider that they already know everything. You have to give them your ‘week’ or tip, which they complain every day because – ‘that does not reach me’ -. If they are college students, they always invent weekend rides that the least one suspects is that they will return with a pregnancy, falling asleep or having drugged.

We are definitely surrendered and the rate of return is farther and farther away, because even on the day they get a job, we must continue to keep them. I am referring to a growing segment of middle-class urban boys who may well be between the ages of 16 and 24 and make up the now-infamous Generation of NINI’S, who neither study nor work, or study and work with All sorrow.


For those born in the forties and fifties, the repeated pride was that they got up at dawn to milk the cows with the grandfather; They had to clean the house; Who polished their shoes; Some were shiners and dailies; Others took to the sewing shop the clothes that our mother made or had a small salary in the church where they helped to officiate the mass every morning.

What happened to our generation is that we ourselves “made a speech” that did not work: ‘I DO NOT WANT MY SON TO LIVE THE HARD WORK THAT I HAVE LIVED!’ You why you have what you have …? Because it took a lot of effort … a lot of sacrifices, and so we learned to value our parents’ efforts to “see and share” their effort, instead of “hiding it” and pretending that everything is “pink” in life . However, WE HAVE OUR CHILDREN TO RECEIVE EVERYTHING FOR OBLIGATION.

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Our children have never known the scarcity in their exact dimension, they grew up wasting …

The ‘give me’ and the ‘buy me’ are always generously pleased and they have become inhabitants of an all-inclusive pension, (TV, DVD, Sound equipment, Internet and bed-eating, Picking up the trail they leave because always They are late to leave, etc …) and then we pretend that our home is a home … or demand or ask, why our children are isolated, do not share with us, since anything is better than their parents or a family activity .

Who gave all this to our children … OURSELVES, SOLITOS AND KNOWING THAT IT WAS NOT GOOD. In the end they go to the conquest of a couple and return home divorced or because the thing ‘goes bad’ in their new life.

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Teens love to wear underwear in webcams and social media

Those who have small children, put them on Sundays to wash the carts and to clean their shoes … to gain the things. A symbolic payment for that can generate a relationship in their minds between work and well-being. Viktor Frankl says that “WHAT IS MISSING IS TO EDUCATE IN THE LOVE TO WORK (CREATIVE)”. Fashion music, concerts, TV, fashion and all the electronics of communication have created a frame of reference very different from what we played, and they take advantage of our supposed dis-information to get their way; Since now the ‘CHILDREN SAY AND THE PARENTS OBEY’, because now we are ignorant parents with children informed – mal-but with information to the end. It will be true that:


We are forced to review the results, if we were very permissive or if we have simply worked so hard, that the care of our children remains in the hands of the domestic teachers, and in an environment increasingly deforming and supposedly by our charge of non-conscience Have a lot of time with them, correct it with material things.