is Bad Feeling Disgust for Fat People ?


Because fat is disgusting.fat

One thing is to have 30–60 extra pounds, another thing is to be “deformed” by so much fat, the term I use is deformed.

They are not Large; this is large:

Large: Tall men/woman who are naturally big, 5′10′’ and up, they are heavy because they are big, not because they are fat.

Another thing is to be fat because a disease or got hurt. You break a femur, have to stay still for 2 months, obviously you will gain weight for the lack of movement. Some sickness make you gain weight too, that is understandable.

Another fact is body types: they are 3 and endophorm people are wide. they look big and have a lot of tendency to gain weight in the waist and belly, is a genetic thing.

The problem is that in modern culture only ecto and meso are considered attractive and endo is considered fat. Which is wrong. All body types are beautiful, deformity is not.

Is ok to feel disgust, just don’t feel you are better than others, and become a jerk like most gym freaks do. Am sure doctors feel the same when people arrive with preventable diseases. the same when an IT feel when some people don’t know how to use the mouse or create a folder. When you are good at something you can’t believe others don’t, and our ego make us think we are better than them.

Society want us to think this is good:fat

It isn’t.