How to Choose Your First Programming Language?


The first language can boost your career!!

Some questions that are frequently asked by programmers are: how much can be gained as a programmer? What programming language should I learn? Do you pay more to know some specific language?

Most of the time we learn a certain language by necessity, when we are studying a career. Also for the projects in which you work in case you are already working. An important aspect for any engineer is to know if their knowledge is within the trends and needs of the industry. For those who have not been asked, the programming language you know and the skills you acquire with it, also determine the level of your salary.

Currently there are more applied and better paid languages than others, so we hope the following information will be useful for you to be aware of the trends in the industry regarding skills requests, as well as how much is the approximate payment of According to the language in which you program. This way you can tell if you are choosing well the ones you are learning, and if you need to start acquiring skills with someone else.

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A recent study, published for the last quarter of 2015 by, an expert in jobs in the technology sector, presents information from the three main English-speaking countries: Australia, the United States and Great Britain in search of employees and their Their respective remunerations, depending on their knowledge in some programming language, which shows which are the most requested and best paid programming languages in the industry.

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In the first graph we can observe information averaged from the 3 countries, where you can notice the salary per year and the number of mentions per programming language, that is, requests for work with that specific language.

As you can see, the most popular ones are Javascript, Java, C and C #, followed by Python and C ++, but in these the best paid is Python with an approximate salary of $ 94,000 USD per year, while Java is around $ 92,300 by year. But still they are not the best paid.

By doing an analysis of the left side of the graph, where the languages with less mention are found, we will see that there are languages that are better paid.

Despite their infrequency, the best paid languages are:


2.-F #





7. Moon

All of these with annual salaries above $100,000 USD.


In this last graph we will observe the trends that mark the country that offers more money in the technological marking.

It should also be noted that Java and Javascript are still heavily requested languages, both with salaries of between $ 95,000 and $ 100,000 USD per year.

An important aspect to take into account is that the information is changing a little each month, since many companies decide to change their platforms of base language, which diminishes its popularity.

The wages shown are an average of the offers of the companies and depending on the city where they are working can increase the value of the work, since it also depends on the cost of living of the place.

Based on the information previously described, you can conclude that a good alternative would be to start working more with Python, Java and Javascript. The conclusion is obtained given that most of the major IT companies are based in the United States, and global trends towards certain programming languages, it is very common that they come from that country. Even though you are not working or living there, it is likely that the same trend will soon move to your place of origin.

So which one are you going to focus on!?