Good Practices a Programmer Should Follow


In this article I will leave you some tips or good practices that you must take into account out when starting as a programmer.

In the world of programming there are many languages each of them with the necessary rules to get a good structure when developing a system, it is always advisable to follow each one of them and have a good order when starting develop.

Good practices

1. Use comments, as easy as it seems your program always uses comments and more if you are a beginner, putting comments to your code will help you learn more easily for which is every part of the code, just like this way you can simplify the work Maintenance, in case someone else has access to your code.
2. Make a diagram of your system, before you start to create a system or an application, make a document of what will contain your system, so that during development do not lose the objective or the main elements of it
3. Use descriptive and easy-to-identify variables when naming variables all differently and with easy-to-identify names to get a good order in your code.

4. Write simple code, avoid making code difficult to read, not only for someone else’s use but for the same programmer, when you need to return to the code for some activity or maybe reuse, this task can be difficult.
5. Test your code, this part of the development is one of the primordials, no matter how small your code is, it is preferable that you find an error and solve it, at the time of implementation fails.

6. Concentrate, there are endless distractions, social networks, games, videos, give priority to your work and if you want a moment of rest or distraction allocates a short time, so you do not lose productivity.
7. Keep on getting ready, the programming languages ​​advance every day, it is necessary that you always keep up to date, and you are still preparing to remain competitive in the world of technologies.
8. Share knowledge, we all start from the minimum and we all need help, if you are an expert, share knowledge with beginner programmers or with whom you ask for help.

Taking these practices and advice into account you can save time at the time of development and your code will be more readable and adaptable.

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