Simple Guide: How to Create a Home Network


A homegroup network is a system through which we can connect several PCs in a very fast and simple way, so that we will have access to them through a remote system. This time we will explain how to connect several PCs with a group in the home, and of course we will also know some of the advantages of this system.


To understand what a group is in the home, what we have to do is the idea that we create a system that allows us to access from one PC to another, establishing a connection with as many units as necessary.

This is truly useful at work, but it can also be very effective in our home.

Imagine for example that we have to access the same hard disk from different PCs, for which, generally what we do is disconnect and connect as many times as necessary, something that eventually becomes a process very cumbersome.

However, through the group in the home we can establish the connection, which means that the hard disk will remain connected to a single PC and from the rest we can access facilitating a very simple permissions.

Some desktops ideas and router:

A good example is that we have a PC to which we connect a hard disk with movies, and these movies we want to see them from another PC for example that we have connected to our television. With this system, we can watch the movies remotely and without any problem, without moving the hard disk.


If you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can create a home group through your modem, which acts as a link between the different terminals. For this, the first thing you have to do is access the Windows sidebar, from which we recently explained the process to remove it.

Then click on “Settings” and then on “Change PC settings”. At the moment a new window will open and in our case we will go to “Net”. We now select the third option called “Homegroup” and we will only have to click on “Create a new group in the home”.

At the moment we will have a password that will be used to give access to the rest of the terminals. We save this password and configure what we want to share.

Now we go to the other PCs that we want to add and follow the same path indicated, but this time we will have to write the password we got in the first step.

Now our computers are connected, but we have a detail that is to indicate the folders that we want to share.



In order to share any folder, what we will do is right click on it, and in the context menu we go to “Share with” and select either of the two options of the group in the home, ie, so that Only the folder can be viewed from the rest of the computers, or you can also view and edit.

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