Mother of 11-year-old girl horrified to discover became viral


For these things you have to be careful with internet.

An 11-year-old girl from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, sent a high school teenager a picture of her in underwear. The sexual photo was sent through the social network Snapchat, where almost 30 screens were taken from the photograph in just three minutes, which were shared via cell phones by students from different schools.

The girl’s mother, completely horrified, said that her daughter did not know anyone else could see that photo, and that the little girl and another 10-year-old girl began receiving inappropriate messages from older teens.

“I feel completely sick that my daughter and other girls her age feel the need to do this, it’s wrong. The messages from the older children were quite enticing, they were asking them to send pictures of themselves. “

The idea of Snapchat is that the photos and videos last 10 seconds and disappear. If they are public they remain in your history for 24 hours.

But if someone takes a screenshot or screenshot, it is easy to share with anyone.girl snapchat

“What I did was a big mistake and I regret it, I really do. I pray nobody will make the same silly choice I made. If he had known the result, he would never have. Do not do it because other people do it, do not do it because someone tells them to do it, do not do it to fit in, it’s not worth it. I hope everyone realizes how serious this is. – 11-year-old girl

You have to be very careful with children and social networks, and you have to teach them the risks of the internet.