Father of the Internet Finds it Repugnant USA Sell Citizens Privacy


“When people use the internet, what they do is really, really intimate … There are things that people do on the web that reveal absolutely everything, much more than what they know about themselves sometimes.”

Berners-Lee used these words to describe his concern about the new rules that the Republican majority of the United States Congress announced at the end of March. For the father of the Web, the fact that Internet service providers can now trade with user data without asking for authorization is disgusting because when we use the web we are very vulnerable.
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These are some of the things Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, said in an interview with The Guardian after receiving the Turing Award, an honor considered by many to be the computer science Nobel.

When the Internet was new, when people had not realized until the end would be important in their lives, I gave chats pointing out that when people use the web, what they do is very intimate. People go to the doctor seeking a second opinion; Have gone to the web to seek the first opinion on whether it is cancer. They communicate very intimately with relatives they love. There are things that people do on the web that reveal absolutely everything. Because so much of what we do in our lives goes through those clicks, it can be ridiculously revealing. You have the right to go to a doctor privately, when it is only between the doctor and you. And similarly you should be able to go to the web.

The Briton awarded the invention of the web as the first to successfully establish a communication between server and client using the HTTP protocol, has received the Turing 2016 award for having contributed significantly to the computer science.

Berners-Lee has never been censored when expressing his views on the current state of the Internet, and after designing the web as a system equally accessible to all, he is concerned as more and more threats that put the freedom of the web in danger. Meanwhile the FCC of Trump already plans how to end the net neutrality.