How to Make My Computer Go Faster


It is increasingly necessary to have a computer at home and at work,

but however powerful it may be that we have acquired, over time we will see that it is losing some of its benefits. Obviously this does not mean that the computer is failing, but it is necessary to perform some tasks that allow us to recover its operation as the first day. Today I will explain how to make my computer go faster, and for this we will take into account some of the details that will generally be the ones that will make its operation slows down.

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This is one of the most important tips, which is why we put it at the beginning of the list of actions that will allow us to get our computer to go faster.

Keep in mind that many programs run the moment we start our operating system, which means that they are consuming resources in the background. For that reason, install programs that we will never use, in fact we will only be consuming unnecessary resources at the same time that this could also translate into an increase of the temperature of the PC and even in a greater electrical consumption, as long as we are Talking about we have several unnecessary programs installed on our computer.

Therefore we must analyze very well what we installed and avoid being involved in small programs that we will not usually use any, and in the event that there are any of these, the best we can do is eliminate it and forget about it.


There is the false belief that an earlier operating system will work faster on a current PC, that is, a computer that we buy today, with a Windows XP would fly completely. This is not as true as it may seem, since the new operating systems are not only capable of better managing our team’s resources, but also allow us to take advantage of those resources with other higher limits, while being better managed in a way that We achieve a smoother and faster operation.
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In that sense, as a general rule we should not be afraid to use the most updated operating system of the moment, since although it is true that in some very old computers will not work very adequately, in others that may be 5 or 6 years, Chances are we will enjoy better performance.

So we recommend to try to figure out if it is really preferable to be with an earlier operating system or better we opted for any of the latest operating systems that we can find in the market today.


On the other hand, on a daily basis we navigate and often move through pages of dubious security or even download material without thinking twice, which can often be accompanied by some “friend” not very grateful.
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We must not forget that viruses do not always manifest themselves, but can often be installed on our computer and we completely ignore their presence, thus obtaining information from our team, making use of our resources and in general threatening our security at the same time Which hinder the normal operation of the PC.

For that reason, the ideal is to have a good antivirus installed and well updated to protect us against most of these threats. Do not forget that it is not only prevent them from entering, but also can be very useful to know if they have already installed any of them in our PC.


It will also be important to maintain a good cleanliness of our PC, both the hardware and the software itself and residues such as cookies that may have been stored, correct defective registry elements, and so on. Many times the slowness is not due to an excess load or the fact that the PC is doing many actions simultaneously, but because there are broken strings so that sometimes you may be making certain requests that never end and repeat Constantly.

For this reason, the cleaning must be from the physical point of view and from the point of view of our software, operating system and installed programs.


Although it does not seem like it, keeping our PC clean and avoiding dust accumulation is going to be one of the most effective remedies to recover the original speed of our equipment.

Over time, the dust accumulates both on the motherboard and other components and especially on the fans, which is why it is essential to carry out a thorough cleaning to ensure that the components work without interactions and not Are limited by dirt.

In addition to achieving a more fluid operation, cleaning will also ensure that we maintain a more adequate temperature of the equipment, which means that we will extend the life of the components.

Of course, these cleaning needs to be done meticulously but always very carefully, avoiding to damage any of the components or circuits of which is composed any of the computer boards and components that are installed.
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We will also maintain a good cleaning at the level of operating system and software, for which it will be necessary to delete the temporary files of both Windows and browsers that we have used.

Cookies accumulated, records with errors, privacy elements, temporary elements, the organization of the disk, junk files, broken shortcuts, vulnerability problems, lack of optimization, etc., will only lead us to that worse performance than We want to get rid of.

That we act with responsibility is always going to be essential, but we will still see that with the passage of time we are always accumulating all these elements, that is, we will have to perform cookies cleanings, registry elements repair, we will defragment the disk , To repair any vulnerabilities that may occur and for which threats can be accessed or errors remain in the program’s operating system, and so on.

If we do these actions manually, of course we will get maximum effectiveness, but for most users this can be a major problem, an unnecessary waste of time and of course also a head warming that does not lead to any Site, which is why in the market we find a wide variety of programs that will help us in this regard.

Many of them have already spoken on the page, but of course we will highlight Advanced SystemCare, a tool that has everything necessary to perform all these actions by clicking on a single button, plus it also includes other applications that allow us Speed ​​up the computer, accelerate the Internet, improve computer protection, upgrade drivers, tackle spyware, completely uninstall programs, avoiding leftovers, and so on.

There are also other interesting tools like CCleaner or TuneUp that can work together, offering us other additional tools like even the possibility to activate or deactivate programs at startup, ie choose which programs we want to continue to work in the background even when we are not using them, Or disconnect them in case we want to reduce the consumption of resources, so that they will only be activated the moment we execute them.

In short, if you follow these tips and perform maintenance on a regular basis, you will not only get your computer to go faster, but each of its parts and elements will enjoy a longer useful life and of course also more effective.