Simple Tool to Control the Workload of Your Processor


CPUMon is a simple

and light desktop tool that shows CPU consumption and real-time RAM usage. Of course, this can already be done in the “Performance” tab of the Task Manager, but if you are looking for something more simplified, it is a good choice.

One of the most interesting features of CPUMon is that it tries not to bother you. It shows a real-time graph of what happens with your CPU, either by cores or the whole processor in general, shows the percentage of use in a sidebar and all this as a small transparent window that default is on top of the rest Of programs, although you can modify their size and behavior in the tool options.


And even if it stays above any window you have open, it will never be a problem. CPUMon is designed to make your clicks work through it, and never interfere with your work. If by chance there is a button under the graph, click on it and it will work without problem.

The fact that the tool is transparent has its own problems. For example, depending on the colors you have just below, you can disappear almost completely. It is true that this program offers many visual adjustments, but for example in the tests that I have done I have not been able to place a solid background color. And that despite the options indicated that can be done.

In case you need to move the graph in a certain moment, you can do it from the cross button that will appear when you hover the mouse over, so that you can place it where it suits you.

And if you do not want to have it visible on the screen, then you can switch to Tray Mode. Then CPUMon is displayed as an icon in the system tray, it gives basic basic figures of CPU and RAM consumption in a tooltip and allows to display the graph with a keyboard shortcut.

Keep in mind that it does not allow you to take specific actions on certain situations (for example, display an alert if the CPU usage exceeds a certain percentage), but if you want a tool that can show the behavior of your processor in real time Simplified form and without additions, this is what you are looking for.

There is a paid version of the application. In fact, the program will warn you of it every time you open it, but you can use it for free indefinitely. And as a final point, it works from Windows 98 onwards.

Your welcome 🙂