Standard Notes Minimalist multiplatform App Focused on Privacy


Applications for taking and managing notes is not something that is currently lacking.

As never before mentioning a new alternative, perhaps Standard Notes can get your attention with its focus on privacy, simplicity and longevity. In an open project and in this way they want to guarantee that it does not depend only on its creators but can exist indefinitely.

In fact, there are so many that the difficult thing is to choose one and stick with it. Depending on the type of user you are and what you are looking for in this type of apps, it is likely that you have tried a lot and still not quite pleased.

Standard Notes is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and the web. That’s where we started well, not depending or being limited to a single platform is one of the main barriers that usually make us rule out an app, especially if we are users of various types of devices and

Taking privacy quite seriously, they offer end-to-end encryption in your notes. By default you own all your data and these are stored through Standard File, either using a free hosting or those responsible for the application, through a community server, or using your own private server. Standard Notes offers encrypted hosting that will be free forever when you sign up with them.

The program itself is quite simple, but it has enough functions to take and manage your notes quickly and easily. You can add labels without limits to organize notes, and also have a built-in search engine.notes

By default the editor works only with plain text, but you can install several types of plugins to use rich text or MarkDown, for example. You could easily use this Notes app as your preferred text editor.

You can also change the appearance theme by downloading CSS files from the Extensions page or creating them yourself. Accounts with simple and more advanced extensions, including a code editor or synchronization with Dropbox.

If you are an Evernote user you have a tool to import your notes from that service. Although there is also another to convert plain text files or MarkDown to Standard Notes notes. If you want to test the application without having to install it, you can access the demo of the web app and have a look.