College a waste of time and money?


College : What people are saying about it:

These are honest comments of graduates and students about college. if you are a parent or teenager you should share this article for others to watch.

-Why PAY for college when I can get the information and educate myself for FREE on the internet???

-College is fucking rip off to the average person. Yet so many women brag about having a college degree just to be in working poverty. If your degree isn’t a STEM field or something where you can create you own business then you’re probably screwed. Human service jobs are the worst paying. Somehow the high school guidance counselors didn’t tell anyone this.


-I dropped out of college, got my cdl and make $85k a year

-I own a business and am in desperate need of literature and art majors to fill much needed positions. This will be well paying jobs with great hours and you will be able to get huge bonuses -said no one ever

-I have one thing to say: American colleges and universities are corrupted and evil!

-unless you know someone out there, any degree is worthless

A degree=A piece of paper. Trade School=On hand job experience and training. You decide.

-glad i am living in Norway. Free healthcare and EDUCATION.

-The people I know that went to college can’t even get a career in their fields of studies. A few work at Walmart and other various retail jobs while my dad who never attended college makes 22.65 an hour working at Molex. As a lead line operator. I never attended college and make 12.75 as a parts inspector in injection molding. And I too was criticized because I didn’t want to start my life out with this major debt over my head.

-I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Unless you’re going to be a nurse, teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer or computer tech you might want to say “fuck college” and go do something else!  Society had become so conditioned to think you have to have a degree in everything to the point that even a janitor needs a degree just to clean a bathroom!  These colleges have everyone so hoodwinked in to believing that shit.   Apart from that colleges are laughing all the way to the bank at our stupidity…..they continue to jack up prices and thinking it will give you an edge in life we gleefully pay it only to end up working a menial unskilled job later on.  You people had better wake the hell up!

-I graduated high-school in 2010 , this is the results  ive seen in 5 years . The people that worked hard in highschool all went away to colleges while the people that just got by and barely made it out of highschool did their own thing .     5 years go by the people that went to college including my self all graduated , most of them which i know are either in grad school or applying for job. while they are applying for jobs and living in debt , (which i owe 60k) the people that dident go to college have construction jobs , landscaping business , mechanic business all at the age of 23 , they are sitting on big cash and have a nice car and some even have their own home . This one guy i know , he was a degenerate and still is guy dropped out of school after freshman year . he would sell weed and worked at a mechanic shop now at the same as me he is a millionaire owning 2 mechanic shops , real estate and a used car dealership hes only 23 and not even a highschool degree !! long story short , in modern days you have to do the opposite to succeed in everything , you cant be the one to help others thats not going to get you shit , you got to be the ones to throw someone under the bus to benefit for your self. it is sad but thats our modern day society the people that do whats considered politically wrong like not going to college are successful and sitting on cash , while us college graduates  are sitting on college loan debt .