What to do when the touch screen does not work


One of the peculiarities that smart phones have today is precisely the comfort of their touch screens

so that we can move throughout their interface or the interface of applications and games with simple touches of our fingers. However, what do I do if my phone does not go touch? If you encounter these circumstances we will try to help you find a solution.

Let’s start by trying to restart the mobile

Most of the problems that can arise in our smartphones can be solved by simply restarting the device. Therefore, the first thing we are going to do to verify that it is not some driver that has not been loaded correctly or that for any reason has stopped working, is precisely restart it.

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As far as possible we will restart it in the proper way, ie, turning off the device and proceeding to turn it on. However, in many cases what actually happens is that the system is blocked, which is why we can not make the screen work and in general the whole device is completely stopped.

If this is the case, we can practically assure that the screen is in perfect condition, but of course we will have to restart the brava, that is, removing the battery from the terminal to turn it off completely and proceed to turn it on again, So that we will see that it will work well without any problems.

In case it does not work correctly, we must try other alternatives.

Perform a good cleaning of the device

Another reason, perhaps less frequent, is precisely the dirt.

A dirty screen will usually cause a malfunction when moving through the interface, but in this case it is generally not that it does not work at all, but it will not respond well to all the movements we want to perform, or even when making touches Nothing happens at all.

All we have to do is clean the screen and this will solve the problem.

However, not only can the dirt on the screen itself lead to malfunction, but the fact that the device is dirty with excess moisture or even dust on the inside can finally lead to the same malfunction.

In that sense we must open it to proceed to clean its interior the best possible, and in the event that we think that it may have affected the humidity, the way to solve it is to introduce it in rice to absorb it completely.

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Check if the screen is broken

And finally, if none of the previous processes has worked, possibly the screen has broken. It must be taken into account that it does not have to be cracked to be damaged, so if it has received a blow it is possible that it has broken down, or even without having a foreseen blow can also happen to us.

In that case we have only to go to the technical service to proceed to fix the touch screen and enjoy our phone in perfect condition.