Why You Need to Read Berserk Manga Again


It has been a long time.

Berserk, the simple word have profound meaning for any serious manga reader.

long ago, one day I stumbled somehow with Claymore in YouTube. the name sounded boring and uninteresting. everybody knows a claymore is a big sword. why there was an anime just named like that? Well I gave it a try and was hooked. Here is the first episode Claymore

Claymore by DaisukeDano on DeviantArt

Then, after watching all the chapters I felt there was something missing. Searching I found there was a manga. so I started reading the manga and realized how great it was almost better than watching the anime and the story was waaaaaaaaaay longer.

One of those days I saw a recommendation on the website for other stories and  until I found BERSERK

Again another 1 word title. it started to look bad. what was this guy with that exaggerated huge sword? and that corny intro ewww. Anyway lets give it a chance I said, and started watching it youtube.

That’s it, after watching 2 minutes in the anime I knew something special was going on. after watching it non stop I completed the anime. Then like Claymore I knew there must be some manga around so I started searching.

When I found the manga, it was night time. not sure what hour it was, I just remember it was 3 or 4 am when I decided to stop to sleep.

Berserk by Kaoskid1 on DeviantArt

it was amazing, I never had read something similar, so good, so deep so great details. each image a piece of art. berserk

Over 300 chapters later many years has pass. Kentaro Miura (the creator), takes ages to add new chapters. I understand, is hard to keep working in the same thing for so long. He even started other manga instead of finishing Berserk.

Today someone posted a link to a chapter. I clicked, saw the image of the manga and went thru some pages, saw something I just didn’t remember! what a shame!

It seems that is time to start reading the piece of art from the beginning.

check this video at the top of this article.
My rationale to why Berserk can not be adapted into animation by studios today.


Video used:
Berserk 1997
Berserk 2016
Berserk 2017
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Berserk II
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Audio used:
Berserk ost