10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Your 30s


Age is so relative in starting a business

that everything can depend on a good idea or years of hard work. Here at the top of the millionaires is the best example: Mark Zuckerberg (33) is the fifth richest man in the world, while Bill Gates (61) is the first. Among them are 28 years of age difference, although both began before their thirties.

There is no established age to join the ranks of the entrepreneurial world, some bet on doing it from very young, driven by university entrepreneurship programs, and others prefer to accumulate experience, knowledge and even a good money cushion to venture.


“A highly recommended age to undertake – and in which most successful entrepreneurs are concentrated worldwide – is between 35 and 40 years, because it is a stage where there is already a wealth of experience, capacity, heritage independence And intellectual development, “says Juan Alberto González Piñón, director of the Entrepreneurship Program of the Pan American University.

By the age of thirty, this could be the best time to create a project, consolidate it and live on it. This is ensured by some experts of the entrepreneurial field, who see in this age the ideal stage to take risks.

“The thirties combine two important factors: you think twice about watering it, you act thinking about the consequences and, on the other hand, you also retain the rebellion to do things. In contrast, at 20 you have little maturity to face your mistakes and at 40 you think too much to make decisions “, contrasts Martín Gutiérrez, entrepreneur and creator of the company Moneda Blanca.

Likewise, González Piñón widens, at the age of 30 a person has approximately seven years of experience in the chosen field, not to mention that he may have already expanded his academic career, through diplomas, master’s degrees or courses that improve his abilities.

“It’s a good time to test the acquired capabilities,” says the specialist.

For the associate secretary of the School of Economic and Business Sciences of the UP, contemplating the idea of ​​undertaking is not an optional question, but soon it will become an obligation for those who have the possibility to do so.

“We live in an environment of economic and political shakes, at local and global level, and the government is limited in its growth, so, thinking about these conditions of the country, undertaking is a citizen obligation, a way to seek personal growth And the country that must take more and more young people, “ it abounds.

In this sense, the new generations have changed the purposes of undertaking, as they have turned towards social entrepreneurship and the search to impact their environment in different ways.

“In our incubator we try to make entrepreneurs come from being. Before, most of the companies were aiming to make money, while millennials have been more interested in social benefit. The main premise of a venture should be to help humanity, “ditch Gutierrez.

Experts share the main reasons why those who enjoy their 30-39 years should be thinking about leaving office life to embark on the entrepreneurial dream:

Discipline:  the experience of the specialists, young people procrastinate too much, while a person in the 30 is more willing to establish a discipline to impose schedules, set challenges and meet goals.

Long-term vision: at this age it is also better recognized that all effort requires time and a lot of effort. A venture, says González Piñón, sometimes takes three or four years to build well.

Find a quality of life: at this age, most people already have an idea of ​​what kind of life they want to have: if they like to travel, meet people, expand their culture, and so on. Entrepreneurship could be closer to that goal than office life.

Resilience: Maturity in business not only implies greater work experience or academic, but also be able to recover from failure. By age 30, people can already understand that failure is also part of success and not boil at first boil.

Adapting to change: leaving the comfort zone is a hard blow for anyone. The fact of seeing the need for certain changes in the project as a window of opportunity and not as a problem is also part of that growth that is obtained over time.

Focus from being: Martín Gutiérrez says that it is necessary to get lost several times to meet again. Only in this way can a person come to the idea that he really seeks, to the enterprise from the point of view of passion and dream, and not materially or economically effective.

Understanding the value of time: at 30, entrepreneurs know the importance of their time well, so they will focus and decide better. The time lost in a project that does not really interest the entrepreneur is irrecoverable.

Combining work and technology: 30-year-old entrepreneurs, explains the UP academic, are more aware that technology is a set of tools to improve or optimize the project, but also more accustomed to developing initiatives and devote themselves fully to its draft.

Fulfilling dreams: “If you want to have what few have, you have to be willing to do what few do,” is one of Martín Gutiérrez’s mantras. Age 30 is a good age to meet those life goals or start walking the road to them. An entrepreneurial project is an option to reach the dreams.

Develop the job: when an entrepreneurial project begins to impact at a local, local or global level, it begins to fulfill a purpose of life, says Gutierrez: impact others and thus play a part. The age of 30 is the age of maturity to accept it and do everything possible to reach more people.

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