Chromebook Take Advantage of Apps!


Chromebooks have been around for a long time,

going from being low-cost laptops to devices that are valid for almost all users. Let’s see what exactly is a Chromebook and how we can take advantage of the best applications we can install.

What is a Chromebook?

Basically they are laptops, but the difference with others is that they work with a very light operating system, Chrome O.S., created by Google, which is designed to function completely when connected to the Internet.
So, what we find is a simple system with the appearance of the Windows desktop: application launcher, taskbar and system tray. Of course, we can only use the Chrome browser and the applications of this browser or Android apps (there are ways to install Windows on a Chromebook, but we will not go into it).

Let’s think about it for a moment. Why do we usually use the computer? Surely you have answered that to surf the internet and consult social networks and mail, especially. All this does not require much power and that is why Chromebooks have so much acceptance.


What are the advantages of Chromebooks?

These computers offer us different benefits:
Price. They are cheaper than a regular laptop (they are also less powerful, of course, but that’s not their goal).
Simplicity. Chrome O.S. Seeks simplicity for the user, ideal for all members of the family.
Updates. Without becoming the annoying and continuous Windows updates, Chrome O.S. Updates in the background, without having to worry and without almost realizing, always having the latest version without doing anything.
Security. Chrome O.S. Is based on Linux, so it is immune to Windows malware, saving us antivirus and not having to worry about malicious executables.

What Android apps can I use on my Chromebook?

Google made compatible Chrome O.S. With Android apps in mid-2016. While at first they were not going as well as we would like, today’s modern Chromebooks run these types of applications without problem, being very stable. Let’s see the most interesting:

Here we are going to group those essential applications but normally we already have them available with the operating system itself. As both of the same company, Google, the programs that come by default (and that will be essential) are some like GMail, Google Calendar, Keep (for lists or quick notes) and Office for Android, which will have the set Basic productivity apps.


Although Chromebooks are not designed for high-power jobs, such as photo editing, with PicSay we can do most of the functions we need: color correction, adding effects, sharing with social networks, adding elements like stickers, frames, etc. .


If you want a video player that supports any format and also offers a thousand and one more functions, VLC is one of the best options, and my favorite because of the number of possibilities we have: add subtitles, adjust the speed, synchronize them, Equalizer, etc.


One of the classic applications, Pocket is a powerful tool for when we want to save articles and web pages to read them later, offline. There is a web interface for the Chrome browser, but the Android app is lighter and functional.


On our Chromebook we can play virtually any game available on Google Play, even the most powerful. It’s a different experience to play on a larger screen for titles like Asphalt 8 or even GTA.
With these applications we will have practically everything on our Chromebook that we need in a computer, much cheaper and just as practical.