10 Free Computer Courses Provided By Microsoft 2018


Yes! more Free computer courses

have spread all over the network, I mean that there is every platform that shares free courses for computer programmers and it is not new to meet pirates of the network if you could say that, they upload to your website or share it, premium website courses classes; but this is not the case because we will share a lot of educational material and for free.

Many who enter our website, are people who every day wants to learn from new experiences; whether it is about graphic design, illustration, programming, photography and it is the same way that I for my part give me the time to find out on the net what you may be interested in, although sometimes I do not find it and try to reward with other educational material so that they feel that this web is serious and will always be in favor of online education; and without much explanation, we will show you what this is all about.


Microsoft offers 10 free courses for computer lovers.

Microsoft is one of the largest multinational companies in the world, based in the United States, thanks to the hard work and excellent work done by the Virtual Academy of this company, many people as we mentioned in the first few paragraphs can be nourished by much knowledge thanks to the free online courses that we provide.

There are 10 free computer courses that we will list at the end of the post, so that you from the comfort of your office, room or where you feel better; you can train yourself in the development of applications, video games, databases and many more specialties, which we will be counting little by little.

The good thing about this virtual platform is that you can download all the classes that we provide for free as well, so if you do not have internet at home or are isolated in a desert, you can see only having a laptop, cell phone the Tablet.

Ok how do I get those courses!?

To be able to register and take any of the list of these free courses that we are going to mention, you can do it in a very fast and simple way, for that we are going to show you some steps where to culminate you will already be inside this great platform.

  1. Create an hotmail, msn, outlook email.
  2. enter any of the links we will provide
  3. In the upper right there is an icon and next to it says “LOGIN” we click.
  4. Enter your “Email” and “Password”, for that we must have an account, either in Hotmail or Outlook.
  5. After performing these small steps, we will be giving the beautiful classes and be able to download all the content that we want.

List of free courses per microsoft

# 1 Application Development with Visual Studio and Project Siena.
# 2 Learning to Program.
# 3 Key Aspects About Microsoft Azure: Websites.
# 4 Say it with CODE: Birth of Bot.
# 5 Fundamental aspects of networks.
# 6 Introduction to programming with Python.
# 7 Key Aspects About Microsoft Azure.
# 8 Fundamental aspects of databases.
# 9 Introduction to mobile application development.
# 10 Learning to develop in Windows 8.


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