20 Free Courses to Learn Graphic Design & Illustration


Choose Your Design & Illustration classes!

Like any other job, graphic design and illustration can be learned in a self-taught way, using courses, workshops and tutorials that we get on the Internet. This type of knowledge is excellent if you want to learn how to program, create web pages or just start having a digital business where you sell your services as a designer and illustrator.

En español

  1. Curso de tipografía, lettering y caligrafía. Curso hecho en YouTube con 11 vídeos disponibles dados por distintos profesores.
  2. Curso completo de diseño gráfico. Otro en YouTube, esta vez con solo nueve vídeos que cubren lo básico del diseño gráfico, las tipografías, la psicología del color y el uso de Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Técnicas de ilustración. Otro curso en español para aprender lo básico de dibujar con varios materiales como el carbón, lápiz, pinturas acrílicas, además de aprender sobre el color.
  4. Teoría del color. Curso de 16 vídeos con información sobre el color, parte muy importante del diseño gráfico.
  5. Ilustración digital. Siete clases con casi una hora de información para saber cuáles son las técnicas más usadas para crear ilustraciones digitales.
  6. Introducción a la ilustración digital. Otro sobre ilustración digital, también con siete clases y una hora de vídeo en total. En este caso se creará un personaje paso a paso.

In English

DrawSpace. This site has many classes to learn to draw, with information divided in an organized way in eight lessons ranging from introduction to drawing, and ending in the creation of art. Not all lessons are free, but there is plenty of information to take advantage of at no cost.


Adobe Illustrator Training. This is a free video lesson with 31 lessons and two hours of information to learn how the entire Adobe Illustrator environment works.

Adobe Indesign for beginners. This course contains almost three and a half hours of content for those starting with this tool. All support materials can be downloaded here.

Design for social networks. A short course that contains four videos teaching the basics to learn how to design for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

Adobe Photoshop for beginners. It contains 33 episodes with more than four hours of information. It also has support material to download.

Beginners Guide in Adobe Illustrator. Another more that is on YouTube, with 21 videos and downloadable content.

Multimedia design course for printing. If you want to learn how to make business cards, flyers, patterns and more, this is your course.

Best graphic design practices. Although Lynda’s courses are not free, they do give you a one-week trial period, enough to see this one-hour course.

Introduction of graphic design. Another course of Lynda that lasts almost six hours and that can be used in its period of test.

The basics about typography. Course to read, very short but sufficient for a beginner. It has many free resources.

Design in everyday things. This course lasts a couple of weeks (if you spend about 6 hours per week) and explains how you can incorporate the design into the day to day.

How to design a logo in Adobe Illustrator. Eight-hour course with exercises to learn how to design various types of logos.

How to design patterns in Illustrator. Another Udemy free, very short, barely an hour, but teaching something that will be very useful.

How to design using Canva. Canva is a free tool that works from the browser and allows you to create all kinds of designs easily.