Volocopter Taxi-drones ready for take-off in Dubai


Volocopter is the future

There are two drivers in society that are driving innovation to achieve unthinkable milestones, sustainability with their need to create means of transportation that are becoming less polluting, and the autonomy of devices. If these two concepts are added to the cherry pie, technology, we already have a new achievement: taxis-drones, a service about to get underway in Dubai that until now we had only dreamed of cinema.

In volocopter they are constructing the first vtol, completely electric and safe of the world. They want to make the dream of humanity’s flight true and help modern cities solve their growing mobility issues.

Flying Air Taxis from Germany wants to conquer the world.

Lukasz Gadowski and Daimler AG are among the investors. The Volocopter 2X starts autonomous testing in Dubai.

In July 2017, Volocopter, a leading aviation company, entered into a financial agreement of more than 25 million euros with the automobile company Daimler of Stuttgart, the technological investor Lukasz Gadowski of Berlin and other investors.


Using this new capital, Volocopter will further expand the leading technology in its purely electric VTOL (eVTOL), accelerate the process of introducing the Volocopter series model and conquer the air taxi market. The safe, quiet and environmentally friendly aircraft, suitable for the transport of two passengers, will revolutionize mobility in the metropolis. To realize this vision, Volocopter also invests in its equipment and plans to develop it continuously.


Volocopter GmbH is the world leader in the development of fully electric vertical launch multicopters for the transport of people and heavy-duty drones. The technical platform is extremely flexible and allows for piloting, remote control and fully autonomous flight. In addition, the unique design offers a high degree of security based on the high redundancy of all critical components.

The stated objective of the company is to realize the dream of flying of all human beings and to help modern cities to solve their growing problems of mobility. Already in 2011, the company gained its entry into the history of aviation through the manned flight of the world’s first purely electric multi-chopper. Since then, the young company has set new milestones: in 2016 Volocopter obtained a provisional license for a two-seat Volocopter from the German aeronautical authority and in 2017 the airline signed an agreement with RTA Dubai for the world premiere of an autonomous air taxi flight.

The first licensed Volocopter should be on the market next year. Meanwhile, founders Stephan Wolf and Alexander Zosel have assembled an excellent team of experienced managers such as CEO Florian Reuter (formerly of Siemens) and CTO Jan-Hendrik Boelens (formerly of Airbus Helicopters). This paved the way for further expansion of the company.