Learn to invest in Bitcoins without losing money: Bets Simulators


Simulating the Bitcoin market

from the mobile is really useful if you are thinking of investing in this or any other cryptocurrency. Like investing in the stock market, it is not easy and of course the profit is not guaranteed. It all depends on whether you know how to move your money or not, and for that, nothing better than a Bitcoin simulator.

We have chosen some of the best so that you can practice and you know if you would win or lose money by investing in Bitcoin, an operation that-let’s not forget-is still high risk. And not only BTC: some of the applications that we propose also allow you to simulate alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Monero or Litecoin.

Of course, most of these simulators of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in English, although with a very basic level of this language you will not have problems to follow the results of your virtual portfolio.


1. Bitcoin Hero

This simulator is available in web version and in Android application. If you want to follow the evolution of your investment over time, you must login with a username and password or login with your Facebook account.

With real-time real-time data from the BTC market, you can invest in Bitcoins without losing money, but also with zero chance of profit. It is a good touchstone if you are thinking of investing in this virtual currency soon, because with the data you update constantly you would know how you would really go.

From the start, you get $ 10,000 to invest in BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash. From there you can be winning or losing depending on the evolution of the market, as you prefer.

2. CoinMarketGame

This Bitcoin simulator is available only in web format and also requires you to login. It is more complete than Bitcoin Hero, although it does not allow access from the mobile. By more complete we mean that it provides an experience more similar to what it is to follow the cryptocurrency market in reality, although both are updated in real time.

Instead of $ 10,000, in CoinMarketGame you get $ 20,000 input that you can invest in more unknown cryptocurrencies than in the previous example. For example, there is Ripple, one of the virtual currencies supported by several traditional banks and that has grown the most in recent times.


3. Spark Profit

This simulator to invest in Bitcoin virtually is available for iOS, Android and web browsers, although it works very differently from the previous ones. In Spark Profit you do not follow in real time what happens with cryptocurrencies, but you make a prediction of growth or decrease and the game says if you have guessed right or not, all based on historical market data.

If you win, you earn points that you can redeem for more money to invest virtually. If you lose, you can get to stay if nothing.

You can choose to invest in Bitcoin or other currencies, also in gold, oil and other commodities.

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