How much exercise to avoid a heart attack? New study analyzes it


We only have 1 Heart…

Standing or cleaning is tiring, and that’s good if you do it regularly. By habitually we refer to exactly once a day for at least half an hour, enough time for you to have a 24% less chance of dying from a heart attack or other cardiovascular accident. It is not little and it costs less still.

This is what a recently published report says, which establishes the necessary time of physical or light activity each day to remain moderately healthy, or at least not to play the real lottery of cardiovascular accidents, one of the leading causes of death in developed countries .



As revealed in the conclusions, with half an hour of intense physical exercise per day you have a quarter less of options to suffer a fatal disease of this type. By “light” it is as good to walk as to stand or to perform the tasks of home, cleanliness, to cite a very common example.

However, the most common thing is still walking moderately, especially among older people who no longer have the capacity to perform some kind of sport. Among the younger ones, it is more usual to perform more intense exercise.

Specifically, these are the recommended minutes of exercise and the benefits offered:

  1. 10 minutes of intense physical exercise: -33% risk of death
  2. 30 minutes of light physical exercise: -24% risk
  3. 30 minutes of intense physical exercise: -77% risk


These conclusions are not surprising, since cardiovascular accidents usually occur due to obstruction of the arteries due to poor diet or sedentary lifestyle. Hence, this study reveals what happens when sedentary time is replaced by physical activity, even if it is minimal.

To achieve this goal,

researchers have analyzed the exercise carried out by 851 Swedes for nothing more and not less than 15 years. The population and time sample is large enough so that the margin of error is reduced.


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