IPhone X Sales are Not as High as Expected


The low sales of the iPhone X

could trigger a series of changes in Apple

The iPhone X is Apple’s most risky device to date, and is that after maintaining virtually the same design on their iPhone for 10 years, the iPhone X marked a new era in the design line of their devices, however, This change may be affecting the demand for units of Apple’s new phone.

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And is that according to various analysts, the high price and the lack of really innovative features are the two main factors that could be reducing the demand for the iPhone X in these first months of life in the market, and is that although this phone is not the only one that came with a high price, we must mention that it is less resistant and innovative than other equipment such as the Galaxy Note 8.

“We don’t know what we are doing lol”

However, a few days ago the Asian media, The Economic Daily, revealed a report that showed a significant drop in the demand for units of the iPhone X, and is that according to reveals the medium, Apple expected an initial demand of 50 million of units for the first quarter of 2018, however, it is forecast that they will only sell 30 million units for that period.

The Economic Daily is not the only means that believes that Apple will not reach its estimated sales, as other data analysis companies such as Sinolink predicts that Apple will only reach 35 million units sold, while the American firm JL Warren Capital forecasts 25 million units.

At the moment Apple has not given any comment on this information, and only they know the exact number of sales around the world, and surely already made a projection to see if they really reach the 50 million units sold for the first quarter of 2018, however, if so, it is strange that the company has not yet made a statement in its favor.

The problem for Apple has not only been there, as both the company and its business partners have had a fall in the stock market of the Dow Jones. The companies affected have been Genius Electronic Optical, Pegatron and Foxconn. And in the case of Apple the company has fallen 2.6% in the opening of the stock market today.
We’ll see if the decline in sales of the iPhone X forces Apple to make changes to its next device, including the Touch ID in addition to the Face ID, a better resistance in the back and some other news that users expected to find in the new phone. Apple and that has not been like that.

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