12 Free PDF Books To Remember Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking.

On the last Wednesday, March 14, Stephen Hawking, renowned theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and British scientific popularizer, died, considered one of the most brilliant minds in history. “The Universe in a Nutshell”. You can not miss this collection of PDF books.


stephen hawking
Stephen hawking


No wonder, Hawking’s life was a constant lesson that surpassed the limits of the exact sciences, capable of turning physics into something closer than it is. Although he needed an electronic synthesizer to communicate, his voice was heard throughout the world.

He died at age 76 despite doctors predicting that he would only live a little over two years when he was 21. The motor disease of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) was not an impediment for him to continue working on his theories and discoveries.

Before becoming an emblematic figure of postmodern science, Hawking had to face himself to overcome the limits of the immobility of his limbs and the rest of his body. He was able to solve the most complex calculations with the mind, without writing down or solving equations; and in this context emerged the revolutionary theses that questioned our way of seeing the world.

Inexplicably, Stephen Hawking died on the same day as the anniversary of the birth of Albert Einsten. Is everything connected in the universe?

Today we want to join the massive spread of tributes and posthumous tributes that are being made in social networks by sharing a digital library of PDF books inspired by Stephen Hawking.

Completely free!

How to Download The Books

The dissemination of these PDF books is possible thanks to the collaboration of different public and private organizations, educational entities, and international organizations that guarantee the free download of digital material within the legal framework:

  • Department of Theoretical Physics – Autonomous University of Madrid
  • National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA)
  • Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences – University of Buenos Aires
  • Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba
  • Ministry of Education – Government of Argentina
  • European Southern Observatory

To download for free, simply open the links that accompany each title. Once inside the PDF file we can read from the browser, or otherwise, download the document to read from our device at any time. Here the list of publications!

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# 01. Properties of expanding universes – Stephen Hawking (read here)
# 02 Black holes: fissures of space time (read here)
# 03 From the Big Bang to the Black Holes (read here)
# 04 Why should we go into space – Hawking conference (read here)
# 05 Black holes: Frontiers of Physics in the 21st Century (read here)
# 06 Black holes and curved time: The scandalous legacy of Einstein (read here)
# 07 Black holes of intermediate mass: effects on their environment and detectability (read here)
# 08 History of the universe (read here)
# 09 Evolution in the cosmos: from the Big Bang to life – consciousness (read here)
# 10. The Big Bang and the physics of the cosmos (read here)
#11. A Universe of Discoveries (read here)
# 12. Main contributions of Stephen Hawking (read here)
#Bonus. The last (and apocalyptic) speech by Stephen Hawking (read here)


Do not miss this opportunity to approach science, and as Hawking would say,

“ask yourself what makes the universe exist”

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