Tucker Carlson DESTROY Jorge Ramos On Trump Wall Video


is Jorge Ramos a race baiter like Al Sharpton?

The reason Trump wanted to bring in some immigrants from Norway instead of always from countries like Haiti has nothing to do with race but everything to do with character and contributions. Norwegians are educated people with skills and trades the will self sustain , and contribute to the USA with high incomes ,taxes, education & skills. we already have a nation full of immigrants who are uneducated, given to crime, no skill or trade who have to be kept sustained by the tax paying citizens and contribute little to nothing positive to the USA. The U.S. gov. pays out more to Haitians in welfare,unemployment, free health care,free education than it will ever collect back from income earning Haitians. Let’s see you find a ship building engineer from Haiti.

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Someone said: A tax should be imposed in all the money sent to Mexico, and even further, Americans should stop taking vacations in Mexico, one because watch how prices will go up in Mexican hotels and restaurants, but also watch how violence will increase towards Americans. Mexico is run by the Mexican deep state, and it is as corrupt as it could be.

What do you think?

Many of @TuckerCarlson ‘s comments are vague, some are half-truths, and others are false. For example, some false statements are when he shows in the second 0:36 the Mexican Government is conceding certain immigrants not so they can immigrate to the USA, but so they don’t have to do it. On the second 0:44 where he mentions that the Mexican Government publishes a video “encouraging Mexicans to break American immigration law” is false.

In fact, the text from the supposed video published, translated from Spanish means “Take care of your family. If your children were born in the USA to come to the nearest consulate to register them as Mexicans” this is in case the parents are Mexican. The supposed pamphlet published by the Mexican Government in 2004 does not say what he claims either.Also, I never found, nor he shows ex-president’s Fox tweet about what he said about Donald Trump.

I also want to remind Mr. @TuckerCarlson that a lot of the reason why immigrants of Central America are fleeing violence from their countries today is the consequence of what the US Government did during the 70s and 80s by funding terrorist guerrillas in those countries to counterattack socialist governments so that Central American countries could serve the interest of American fruit corporations. The US Government left those countries devastated and full of gangs.

Jorge Ramos

Muchos de los comentarios de @TuckerCarlson son vagos, algunos son verdades a medias y otros son falsos. Por ejemplo, algunas declaraciones falsas son cuando muestra en el segundo 0:36 que el gobierno mexicano está concediendo ciertos inmigrantes no para que puedan emigrar a los Estados Unidos, pero entonces no tienen que hacerlo. En el segundo 0:44 donde menciona que el gobierno mexicano publica un video “alentando a los mexicanos a quebrar la ley de inmigración estadounidense” es falso. De hecho, el texto del supuesto video publicado, traducido del español significa “Cuide a su familia.

Si sus hijos nacieron en los Estados Unidos para ir al consulado más cercano y registrarlos como mexicanos”, esto es en caso de que los padres sean mexicanos. . El supuesto panfleto publicado por el gobierno mexicano en 2004 tampoco dice lo que dice. Tampoco lo encontré, ni muestra el tweet de Fox del ex presidente sobre lo que dijo sobre Donald Trump. También quiero recordar al Sr. @TuckerCarlson que una gran parte del motivo por el cual los inmigrantes de América Central están huyendo de la violencia de sus países es la consecuencia de lo que hizo el gobierno de los Estados Unidos durante los años 70 y 80 al financiar guerrillas terroristas en esos países para contraatacar gobiernos socialistas para que los países centroamericanos puedan servir los intereses de las corporaciones fruteras estadounidenses.

El gobierno de los Estados Unidos dejó a esos países devastados y llenos de pandillas.

Check what happen to Jorge Ramos the other day