Good News: Amazon Stock Is Now Over 1,000 

Here’s why that’s good news for us… When we talk about the way people buy today, the elephant in the room is Amazon. Recently, their stock passed the 1,000 mark. More and more people are buying the kinds of things online no one ever thought they would.

Shopping malls and other physical storefronts are feeling the bite. This is a hard fact for companies doing business in the traditional way, but it is what it is.

People want to shop online. 

Online shopping lets people search for exactly what they want at the price they want. Plus, teenage girls aside, not everyone enjoys going shopping; most people think it’s a hassle…

…fighting traffic
…finding parking spots
…dealing with crowds and long checkout lines
…lugging bags and boxes home

So there’s been a tipping point, where people have realized the convenience of staying home and doing something better with their time than shopping physical stores.


That’s bad news for some stores, but good for regular people.


Because now we can be not just buyers, but sellers too!

What do I mean? Of course, we’ve all heard of eBay. Well, now ordinary people can sell products on Amazon, too.

But how many people know that they can open up their OWN online store selling other people’s products?

That’s right, anyone with an internet connection these days can essentially be their own for a wide range of products that people are already buying.


The best part, it can be done:

– With no inventory of our own (someone else is making the products)
– No customer service (again, someone else handles that)
– No physical storefront (because it’s all online)

My friend Fred found out about this almost by accident, and it changed his entire life.

Fred was young, had mediocre grades in school, and really didn’t seem to be someone who was destined to make a lot of money. He had a job washing dishes in a sushi joint.

One day a friend casually mentioned someone he knew who was running an entire business from his laptop. Fred thought that sounded a lot better than washing dishes, so he checked it out.Amazon

It turned out that this person was doing what I’ve been talking about here – selling products online that he never even had to see or touch.

Fred was excited and threw himself into this business idea every moment he was not working or sleeping. Pretty soon, his online business allowed him to quit washing dishes.

After a few bumps in the road, in less than a year, he had several profitable online stores – each earning him more than his job ever could.

Now Fred makes millions online. And what he loves best is showing others how to run their own online stores, so they can experience the freedom and income that they work toward.

or just..

Sell your products and services on your own eCommerce store and save in Amazon taxes


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