A bold ceo tell feminists in their face women are lazy at work and cheat projects.

“Girls are usually quite lazy” She says.

They look so confused because they can’t just say “well you’re just a man who hates women.”

Love the response to company owner – “Everyone is in titled to their own opinion!” Company owner was giving facts about her experience and feminist turns into opinion! Then feminists present opinions and want everyone to believe like it’s facts!

Men aren’t great at anything. Women aren’t great at anything. Some individuals are great at some things. Can’t we just stop dividing people in these groups? If they’re great hire them, if they’re shit don’t hire them. Then it doesn’t matter whatever hell kind of diversity you end up with…

The difference between Americans and some Europeans like Croatians is they don’t give a shit about political correctness. They say what they want how they want 😂😂

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