We all use the cameras of our smartphones

to preserve special memories of our life, whether that food we make with friends to that animal that we find walking in the field, or in general any instant that we would later remember, but the problem Is that many times it takes longer than the account to make the backups, which may mean that, in a confusion or error on our part, delete all our photographs and lose a part of important memories for us. If something similar has happened to us, let’s not lose our nerves yet, since we are going to teach you some tricks to recover deleted pictures of the mobile with which you will have more chances to recover those captures that are so important to you.


First of all we must take into account that we often share some of these images through our social networks or even through real-time communication tools such as WhatsApp or Telegram, in which case we are in luck, as it happens to Be quite easy to recover.

If we talk about social networks, they are just logging into our social network and we can retrieve the image again, and if it is WhatsApp or any other similar, in principle we will also be able to find it directly from our account, but if for example What we have done is to restore the device and we can no longer find this photo in the program either, in that case what we can do is to contact those people who have sent it to ask for a copy.

However, most of the time, losing the pictures means that we have not even had time to share them with other users or upload them to any other site, in which case we also have some tools that we can Resort and that we will be very useful.


We start with an application called Dumpster, a fantastic tool that basically is a recycle bin that we will place in our device. Just as the Windows recycle bin works, everything that we are eliminating will automatically go to Dumpster, so we just have to access and retrieve those images that we want to keep.

That yes, obviously it is a prevention tool, so if we have deleted the images before installing it, in this case it will not serve us.


If that is our case, and we have not installed the recycle bin before deleting the images, then we will have to look for applications that will be in charge of locating the copies that may be available.

For both Android and iOS we have DiskDigger, which is neither more nor less than an application for recovery of deleted files from any of the storage units of our device, either the internal memory of the Smartphone or even the microSD card If we have an addition.

Without a doubt this is a fantastic resource, effective and very easy to use that also has a free version with which we can perform a complete search of all images, sending them automatically to Dropbox, Google Drive or even through email.

Of course, if we want to recover any other type of file other than image, it will be necessary to do with the Pro version. It should be noted that this tool previously required to rootear the device, but now it works like any other, that is, we installed and We can already use it from the first moment, without any strange configuration.

Another very interesting alternative is Dr. Fone, an application that also has a free and paid version that simplifies the recovery process as much as possible, as well as having an advantage, which saves the recovered pictures  directly to our PC.pictures

Its operation is very simple, since all we have to do is install the application, connect through the USB cable our phone to the PC, and in a while we will see how the images are being recovered. Of course, the process can take up to several hours, but once it is done, all we have to do is select the images that we want to recover and will automatically be stored in our computer.

These are basically the resources that we recommend you take into account to recover both the images and the files that you have lost, but we remind you again that it is always worth prevention rather than cure, which is why everyone should start installing a trash can Recycling, either that we have indicated or any other that you find interesting, and this way we will greatly simplify the process if we happen again this mishap.

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