Tips to improve your company or business

Surely you have ever considered how to improve your business. We show you here 30 basic ideas for your business to improve in a short period of time: in 30 days.

1. Cause a good first impression

Human beings use a self-defense mechanism that consists of quickly evaluating people (and their businesses). Ask yourself these questions: What impression does your business website offer? And your waiting room in front of the reception? What does your customer parking look like? What does your store smell when you enter?

2. Make the price a minor detail

Make the price a minor detail. How much it costs or how much you charge should be the least important in a negotiation. The important thing is the tremendous amount of benefits that is achieved by being your client. Make THAT the important thing.

3. Take care of your brand

Your brand is not what you decide it to be. Your brand is what happens when you enter Google and write it. Or in Bing. Or what two people in the cafeteria say about you talking about your products or your services. Or what they say on Facebook. You’re as good as the last thing you’ve done.

4. Success can destroy you

When you have achieved that great client that you intended or when you have made the best numbers of the year. When you have had the best summer in sales. Then … That’s when you relax. When you stop being hungry When you trust Do not lose focus.


5. Do what you promise

The 9 and 25 are not 9 and 32. If you have a store and the time you indicate opening is 9 and 30 you must be prepared at that time. It is very irritating for a client to wait for a business to open. Why do you think that in Ikea they come out to offer you coffee while it is opening time? Arrive before your business. It arrives fixed. And when you open, that is clean, the street swept, the coffee prepared and ready to sell from minute 1.

6. Do not get obsessed with “closing techniques”

Do as any professional would do, ask: well, what is next? If what you have to do is talk about price and reach an agreement, do it. Nothing else.

7. Your business is not special

Your business is like that of others. Need money by entering. Motivated people Controlled costs. Continuous innovation. Who is doing all this?

8. Profitability is important

Do you want to be great? DO NOT. What you really need is to be profitable.

9. The service you offer leaves a trace

You do not need the prettiest office, or the latest mobile or car to impress your customers. Your customers are impressed with the best service.

10. Do you like what you do?

Are you motivated with your business? Do you wake up every morning excited? Do not? Look for something else.

11. Stop dreaming when you’re working

Start selling. Stop imagining things. Take the phone. Stop playing with excel. Call people and ask what they need.

improve your company
12. Stop using the word “approximately”

Find out what is the exact margin you have left. Find out exactly what you spend on the phone. Find out exactly what you are going to charge that client. Forget the word “approximately.” Your customers want to know exactly what it will cost them. What they are going to save. What you are going to offer them.

13. Train your staff

Teach them the basics: how do you want them to answer the phone? How to use excel How do you want them to dress, to treat people, to answer an email. Enter them. Tell them what you expect from them. Do not tell them the schedule. Tell them the objectives.

14. Billing and benefits

Billing a lot is good. Having benefits is better. Having money in the box is the best.

15. Find the best customers

If your customers are unpresentable, keep busy looking for customers who are great and slowly see those with whom you do not like to work.

16. The lottery does not touch

Do not look for luck. Work hard. Very hard. Then, maybe, luck comes.

17. Have a short-term plan

Five-year plans never come true. Learn this. Shit happens.

18. The importance of the sale

Everyone has to sell. The designer has to sell. The receptionist. The waiter. Even the pool guard is selling. Learn that In business, the important thing is to sell all the time.

19. Get to work early

Take off your coat. Pick up the phone. Make a few calls. Close some businesses. Drink a coffee. That is the correct order.

improve your company

20. The details matter

How do you dress? How are you on time? How do you answer the phone? They are small indicators of how you handle later with big things.

21. Never bother a business relationship

It’s not nice. Be practical You never know when you are going to see or need that person again in the future. Sometimes it happens. That it is not for you.

22. Pay people properly

Value the work of people as you like to value yours.

23. Time can not be an excuse

“I do not have time” is not an excuse for a smart and enterprising person like you. Choose well.

24. Go outside

Listen to your customers. Look what they need. Do you have a trade? See what other stores do Go to the next town. Travel to the capital of your province. Observe A train ticket costs very little. One morning watching other businesses that do the same thing that you do not have a price.

25. If a problem arises, look for a solution

If you have a problem with a client, the most important thing is HOW you solve it. The way you deal with it: if you do not answer the phone, if you do not answer their emails, if you do not show up. What are you waiting for?

26. Act fast

Be quick and act once you have decided something.

27. Sales, sales

Check that everyone in your business is selling. Everyone.

28. The essence

Have you stopped to think what is the essence of your business? Your reason for being?

29. Reflect

Stop a moment and think. Thinking is free.

30. Reread this list

Create an action plan Re-read the list within 30 days. Keep going. Have fun.

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