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Skill Matches
1 photography 510 jobs
2 designer 2,196 jobs
3 graphic design 696 jobs
4 spanish 3,477 jobs
5 web developer 357 jobs
6 install 1,302 jobs
7 data entry 2,104 jobs
8 design 26,483 jobs
9 dns 863 jobs
10 graphic 1,304 jobs


In New York City it is hard to get bored, you can visit its many museums and monuments, enjoy its wonderful views, go shopping in the shops of the Big Apple and enjoy the show that the city offers.

The City of New York is made up of 5 districts:

Manhattan; This famous island is only 19 kilometers long and 4 wide and is divided into three sectors: Downtown or Lower Manhattan, Midtown or Central and Uptown.
Bronx; Although it sounds dangerous to us all, it has very safe and livable areas with large parks such as Wildlife Conservation Park or Bronx Zoo.
Brooklyn; It is the most populated district of New York and famous for its legendary bridge. Together Queens make up the so-called Long Island.
Queens; It is the largest district in New York, it has a great ethnic diversity.
State Island; It is an island connected to Long Island by the famous Staten Island Ferry.job

How to find employment in New York

For those who have wondered how to look for a job in New York City, here are some options.

One of the most widespread and comfortable ways to find a job in New York is through the web portals of employment, here are the main job seekers in New York:

  • Monster, this portal in addition to offering a job seeker, and a section of job offers, has interesting tips on how to take advantage of your career.
  • Careerbuilder, a US employment agency that operates in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America.
  • Nationjob, American employment network with specific categories.
  • Theladders, is a portal that requires membership.
  • Newyorkjobs, specific job seeker in NY.

Another option to find employment in New York is to go to their Job Fairs, a widespread practice in the US.

A job fair or career expo is an exhibition of employers, recruiters and schools to meet potential job seekers.

There you can take your Curriculum and deliver it in the different booths of employers or organizations.

A job fair is a good place to meet many representatives of companies from all sectors in a short period of time. In them you can interact and get contact information that can be useful for your professional career.

In New York, Employment Fairs are held in different areas.

Another way to look for a job in New York may be to go to Employment Agencies, this option costs money and is not always reliable, so you should be careful when you trust one of the many offices that provide this service, more even if you do not master English perfectly.

In NY there are many employment agencies and their prices vary from one to another. Many foreigners who live in New York do not recommend its use and prefer the traditional job search, that is, go directly to the employer with your Curriculum Vitae and wait for a job interview.

If you love the multiculturalism of the city, the New York lifestyle and you want to belong to the inhabitants of the Big Apple you can start looking for the best jobs available.

This city has it all!

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