These are the Best Video Apps for You

Any time is good to keep a memory. Thanks to the smartphone, this possibility is at your fingertips as never before. No matter the situation or the time, for every occasion there is an application that can help us in this exciting mission. From making a video worthy of a professional to sharing a funny moment with others.

For those fans of homemade movies and beautiful memories, we bring you this selection of the best adjustable applications to any situation to get the best result when recording your videos. Here we offer you the best apps to make videos by categories:

  • Record video with the camera
  • Record video screen
  • Edit videos
  • Make videos to share
  • Curious apps to make videos

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Applications to record video with the camera

Cinema FV-5 Lite

We started with a very professional application. With this application we can record videos with many options on the control of the camera during recording. You can adjust all the sensor parameters such as aperture, ISO, exposure, etc., and you can also change the focus while you are recording, just by touching the area you want to focus on the screen. Able to monitor audio levels and wave clipping announcements during recording. You can choose between different audio and video codecs, adjust their bit rates, and a host of configurations as if it were a professional camera.

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Applications to record the screen in video

Screen Recorder

As of Android 5.0 Lollipop can be used without problems, but for Android 4.4 KitKat and earlier it is necessary to have root access. With this application you can record the screen of your Android while doing some configuration process or to make tutorials on how to use applications. It serves both to share your tutorials online, and to send your grandmother the instructions to be able to chat on WhatsApp with her friends. With the Pro version you can also record sound.

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Best video editors for Android


One of the most complete applications that we can find in Google Play Store, if not the best. You can create very competent photo and video montages with a very professional final result. It is an application for users experienced in video editing.

The user interface is very functional and intuitive. With KineMaster we can create projects from the videos in our gallery. We can work from a new project or create a video with the assistant, faster and easier.

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The application allows you to work on the timeline by adding effects and audio clips. It also has a wide range of effects and transitions and also includes a voice recorder that allows us to include a narration if we wish. With KineMaster we can also make a fade between songs and include scrollable text.

KineMaster is a paragon of virtues and functions and the results are very professional to be a smartphone application. Of course, you have to take time to get hold of it. I think that, in terms of video editing, it is very difficult to overcome.


PowerDirector Video editing

This application has been developed by Cyberlink. If the name is familiar to you, it is because they are the creators of the PowerDVD software, the music and video player that we found in Microsoft Windows. In short, good references that have led us to try this application.

As in KineMaster, we find a sober and professional user interface. We also work on the timeline which has three tracks: video, titles and audio.

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The application is simple to use but it requires time and patience, luckily PowerDirector makes suggestions and indications so you do not get lost in its use.

Both KineMaster and PowerDirector require some previous experience in editing photos and videos. These are applications that, although their usability is optimal, are not suitable for all users. If you walk something lost, you can make use of the many tutorials that are in the network.

But as we want to be suitable for all audiences, we include a third application simpler but with some very nice results.

video app

Video editor: cut video

The easiest way to assemble your video without having to worry about the song or the editing. In five minutes you will have a great video with which you will surprise your friends on Facebook.

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Viva Video
With Viva Video, editing a video is a children’s game. We can edit a video of our gallery, create a video with photos, make collages or music videos. We select the video or the photos of our gallery and edit the video adding effects, stickers or controlling the duration.

Viva Video is a more limited application in terms of functions but this is what makes it easier to use. You can see the results of this video editor in this link. Pretty, right?

Curious apps to make videos

Secret Video Recorder

This is an application for spies to walk around the house. The application installs two icons: one to enter the configuration and another to start the recording quickly. Just touch and start recording. In the meantime, you can receive and make calls and even with the screen blocked you continue with the recording. You can set the duration of the video to stop automatically after a certain period of time. You can activate the flash, but if you’re on a secret mission, you better turn it off.

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Reverse Movie FX

This is one of the applications with which I pass it pipe. You can make videos and turn them around easily. The first thing is to record a video as always, it is clear that it has to have movement, the more the better, and if liquids flying or unidentified objects can intervene in movement, better than better. Once you have the video you just have to select it and turn it around, it’s that simple. If you also want to give a professional effect you can add music.

Video apps


This does not record video, you have to draw everything. I have taken the liberty of including it here because it seems like a great idea and also has the same philosophy as Vine or Instagram. I mean to create a bit of art and humor in a perfect combination, to share later with the whole community and, who knows, start a smile or brighten someone’s day.

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