Some of our case studies

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Passfeed spent years trying to develop a marketplace platform with the top of the line payment integrations and shipping customizations for their clients. After hiring over 50 developers without success they almost give up.

That is when we met, and after listening their situation we saw the urgency and pressure they were in. In less than a week the marketplace platform was already up and running. They couldn’t believe it.

We found the fintech and inventory solutions  that  were needed. We integrated these system with their business. 

Christine Valmy is the first esthetics school in USA and enjoy the high reputation for the highest quality students that graduate there. 

Because lack of IT and marketing experienced staff, they website had been hacked and used for spamming, had no cookie policies and accessibility options for visually impaired.  We targeted all the tasks to make the company compliance as a school and as a health center.

The registration form is connected to a custom low code CRM. 

It behaves twofold: when students fill the form their information is kept in the website database. and it is sent the CRM where the sales team will start their onboarding.  

Therefore the functionality of the whole school and the store was depending on this form. As it has so many APIs and functionalities it kept failing. Fixing the code of this form was our #1 priority which we reached with success.

The eCommerce store for the school had a long series of issues that included the products showing in 3 columns. These forced visitors to scroll pages to see just one or few remaining products. The developer company in charge of this project could not solve it after 6 months and gave up as the store is based on Shopify pro. 

Then we were assigned to it and fixed it in 3 minutes. 

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